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Strategic Siting Assessment (SSA)

The SSA is the process for identifying and assessing potentially suitable sites. A consultation on the draft SSA process and criteria was launched in July, and ran until 11 November 2008.

You will find submissions from several groups here:

Bradwell for Renewable Energy

Nuclear Free Local Authorities

Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group

Stop Hinkley Expansion

Nuclear Waste Advisory Associates response

Greenpeace response

The Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) have published a paper by Professor Andrew Blowers on the process. Professor Blowers says power, profit and pragmatism are dictating the siting criteria and a return to the ‘decide-announce-defend’ approach to decision-making.
TCPA Press Release 27th January 2009.

Professor Blowers says the criteria amount to nothing less than a means of trying to justify putting a new generation of mega power stations and spent fuel waste stores on existing coastal sites most of which are likely to become submerged during the next century under the impact of sea level rise and storm surges. His paper, published in the TCPA’s distinguished monthly Journal, Town & Country Planning, is reproduced with kind permission.

The nuclear industry has been given two months until the end of March 2009 to nominate sites for new reactors. The call for nominations came in January when the Government published the criteria against which potential sites will be assessed. The criteria include conditions that new sites should not be near major population centres or certain types of military activity. The industry has indicated that the most suitable sites for new build are in the vicinity of existing nuclear power stations.
DECC Press Release 27th Jan 2009

Towards a Nuclear National Policy Statement: Government response to consultations on the Strategic Siting Assessment process and siting criteria for new nuclear power stations in the UK; and to the study on the potential environmental and sustainability effects of applying the criteria.
DECC, January 2009

Other consultation documents

In mid-2009 a list of nominated sites will be issued as part of a consultation on the National Policy Statement on nuclear power (Nuclear NPS). The finalised Nuclear NPS will be published at the beginning of 2010. Under the new Planning Act the Nuclear NPS will establish the ‘need’ for new reactors, so the subsequent planning process will only deal with site specific issues.

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has announced that will nominate land near Sellafield, Wylfa, Oldbury and Bradwell.
NDA Press Release 23rd Jan 2009

EdF intends to nominate the following sites: Hinkley Point in Somerset; Sizewell in Suffolk; Heysham in Lancashire; Hartlepool on Teesside; Dungeness in Kent. EDF
Press Release 27th Jan 2009

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