UK Nuclear Policies – recent changes and likely developments

Steve Thomas, Emeritus Professor of Energy Policy at the University of Greenwich, says many of the issues that arise with Hinkley Point C (HPC) that might derail it apply equally to the whole Government programme. He says we are probably at the point where we are looking at a public spending disaster. Financing HPC will stretch EDF Energy to the limit and maybe beyond. He thinks there is no possibility of Sizewell C being built on the timetable that the Government is looking at. He says we are in a surreal situation where we are planning the two largest construction projects ever built on UK soil – HPC and Moorside – and we are contemplating buying the equipment from bankrupt and disgraced companies using technologies that have abjectly failed wherever they have been built. None of the three consortia (excluding Bradwell which is further off in the future) are financeable in their present state. Here we look at the evidence presented by Steve Thomas and others which questions whether any of these projects will ever be successfully completed. On the other hand continuing with these projects will seriously damage renewable and energy efficiency programmes and delay real action to combat climate change.

UK Nuclear Policies[final]


Published: 5 September 2017