Energy network operator National Grid has requested a delay to the planning timetable for its new power line that would connect with the troubled Wylfa Newydd nuclear power station, it has been revealed.

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PAWB is asking supporters to write to Infrastructure Planning Inspectorate ask them to strike out from the proposed Development Consent Order (DCO) all aspects of the Site Preparation and Clearance (SPC) works currently being examined under the Planning Act 2008. According to the Welsh Government, Horizon withdrew on 5 February 2019 the SPC Planning Application 38C310F/EIA/ECON. The Planning Application was Called In by the Welsh Government on 13 December 2018, for full and proper independent investigation under devolved Welsh Public Local Planning Inquiry system. It is not unusual for developers to withdraw Planning Applications in the run up to a Planning decision, because the developer is either no longer proceeding with the proposed development or is having a rethink about a different or revised development proposal for the same site. Surely, the Wylfa Newydd DCO Examining Authority cannot now continue examining the existing DCO SPC proposals which are in essence the same as the Planning Application SPC proposals cancelled by Horizon on 5 February 2019. In the public mind, continuing with the status quo under the DCO means the Examining Authority is siding with Horizon in normalising abuse of the planning system in Wales by the nuclear Developer. The Examining Authority will also be giving credence to Horizon’s disrespect for the proper democratic functioning of devolution in Wales. The nuclear Developer unashamedly seeks to sneak in the cancelled SPC proposals under the cover of a DCO instead. Will the DCO Examining Authority remain complicit?

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Published: 12 February 2019