My name is Anna Benally and I am a member of the Navajo Tribe. I am a resident of Redwater Pond Road Community and have lived here all my life. My clan is Redhouse and Yellow Meadow people. I am currently a registered voter with Coyote Canyon Chapter House. I remember at a very young age when mining came into our community. It was the United Nuclear Corporation (UNC) and Kerr-McGee companies that moved operations in about one mile from where I resided. The two mines were about a half mile from each other. The mine operation was a 24/7 operation in my backyard for about ten to fifteen years of my life. I request that the damage that was done to our community, our families and to Mother Earth be amended. We have waited nearly 40 years for reconciliation, for the land to be made well again and for our families to not live in fear. I request a thorough and complete clean-up of the remaining uranium be done, and that following the clean-up, regular tests on the water and soil be completed in order to ensure that only safe levels remain. Finally, I request a thorough health study be done on the members of the original mining community and on their children, grandchildren and beyond. It is our right to both understand the full effects of this devastating accident and be empowered with the knowledge of how best we can move forward. Our community will continue to stand strong and independent and will strive toward harmony with Mother Earth as we advocate on behalf of a cleaner, safer environment. This is my testimony.

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Published: 31 December 2018