Seven experts on nuclear issues and terrorism, commissioned by the environmental NGO Greenpeace to draw up the worst-case scenarios of attacks on our 19 nuclear power stations. Objective: to identify security holes, and to alert the public authorities and EDF, the operator of our nuclear fleet, about the danger that this represents. Except that the conclusions of the report are so alarmist that the experts and Greenpeace, nevertheless broached the most worrying hypotheses, decided not to make public this Tuesday morning a version “light”, redacted from the most sensitive information. “It is a matter of alerting public opinion and the authorities, justifies Yannick Rousselet, campaigner with Greenpeace. Not giving ideas to ill-intentioned people. In the end, only seven copies of the report are presented this morning by Jean-François Julliard, the CEO of Greenpeace France, to various senior officials in charge of defense and security issues within the institutions (ASN, IRSN and Cossen) and the government. “The Parisian” – “Today in France” is the only medium to have been able to consult the entire report.

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Published: 12 October 2017