To assess the physical security of sites such as nuclear reactors, facilities are increasingly turning to modeling and simulation software that tests their security against external and internal threats. Traditionally, subject-matter experts performed security assessments, but their accuracy depends on their knowledge and carrying out force-on-force attacks, or simulated attacks. Those efforts can go only so far because “you’re not really going to blow a hole in a fence or knock down doors,” said Bob Scott, senior vice president of business development and marketing at ARES, the firm behind ARES Security’s Automated Vulnerability Evaluation for Risks of Terrorism software. AVERT was recently accredited by the Department of Energy after undergoing testing conducted in conjunction with the Defense Department.The industry and technological capabilities have evolved to go beyond such qualitative assessments to create a science based on computerized modeling and simulation, ARES Senior Vice President Blane Schertz said.

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Published: 31 May 2018