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BYD has steadily been making quiet inroads into markets all over the world, and renewable energy and battery storage technologies are becoming an increasingly important part of its global empire. Currently, solar brings in around $500m in revenues for BYD and energy storage another $70m, together accounting for around 10 per cent of the firm’s business. For Zhao, progress on technologies, costs and regulations has now reached a tipping point where the global market for solar plus storage systems is poised to take off, and in a very big way. “This year will be a key milestone for PV plus storage,” he predicts. “We are already trying many small projects in India, Africa, UK, the US and many other countries. But the really, really large scale projects will be coming from this year. We have a strong confidence on that.”

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The public should be made aware of the cost associated with locking out the cheapest forms of electricity generation from government support according to the chairman of the UK’s independent Committee on Climate Change (CCC). Speaking at last week’s Energy Storage and Connected Systems event, hosted by the Renewable Energy Association (REA), Lord Deben pointed to a lack of transparency around the inherent costs of decarbonising the energy system without so-called ‘pot 1’ technologies, namely solar and onshore wind. “I think if you stop the cheapest way of moving towards a carbon free [environment] you have to tell the public how much you are charging them for that choice,” he said.

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There is an overwhelming confidence within the industry’s grassroots. Even Jones, so confident that residential installs could “die” post-2019, remarks that any additional cliff edge in deployment will only be short-lived. The UK saw its maiden subsidy-free solar farm connect to the grid last summer with a number of others said to be earmarked for later this year. The residential market may lag behind its utility-scale cousin by a year or two, but it’s playing catch-up rather than a completely different ballgame.

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Published: 13 February 2018