Report for BEIS select committee –consultation on national policy statement for geological disposal infrastructure.

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Oral evidence: Draft National Policy Statement for Geological Disposal Infrastructure. Philip Matthews, Executive Director, Nuclear Legacy Advisory Forum; Ruth Bradshaw, Policy and Research Manager, Campaign for National Parks; Dr Pauleen Lane, Group Manager National Infrastructure, Planning Inspectorate. Bruce McKirdy, Managing Director, Radioactive Waste Management; Stephen Tromans QC, Member, Committee on Radioactive Waste Management; Professor Andrew Blowers, Co-Chair, NGO Forum and Chair, Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group. Richard Harrington MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Minister for Business and Industry, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy; Stephen Speed, Director, Nuclear, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy; Umran Nazir, Deputy Director, Decommissioning, Radioactive Materials and Geological Disposal Programme, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

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Published: 14 July 2018