The Environment Agency and Office for Nuclear Regulation’s (the nuclear regulators) joint publication about their scrutiny of RWM’s work relating to geological disposal of radioactive waste. Government policy for managing higher activity radioactive waste in the long term is through geological disposal. The nuclear regulators provide regulatory advice to RWM about implementing geological disposal. This report explains what the regulators looked at and the main comments provided to RWM. It also highlights areas for RWM to improve. RWM is making good progress towards ensuring that it will have the right people, skills and systems in place by the time it applies for environmental permits and a nuclear site licence for a geological disposal facility. The regulators will make sure that any future geological disposal facility meets their high standards for environmental protection, safety, security, radioactive waste transportation and safeguards.

Environment Agency 11th Oct 2017 read more »

Nuclear’s wastelands part 2 – Hanford, the nuclear frontier, by Professor Andy Blowers. In the second of a series of articles on the local and social legacies of nuclear energy, Andrew Blowers looks at the history of nuclear activity at the Hanford site in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. For the foreseeable future Hanford will remain a nuclear wasteland, where risk from wastes not fully comprehended or characterised lurk on and beneath its surface with no final solution yet in sight. It is a place where the impacts from a frenzied period of destructive impulse will linger indefinitely; a place where, in the words often attributed to Native American Chief Seattle, it may truly be said: ‘We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.’

TCPA Journal Sept 2017 read more »


Published: 12 October 2017