How likely each area of Wales is to be used to bury the UK’s stockpile of the most lethal nuclear waste. Meetings are to be held in Wales next month as part of the search for a site in which to bury the country’s most dangerous radioactive waste. People in two areas – Swansea and Llandudno – are to be consulted as part of the Government-run Radioactive Waste Management’s hunt for “a willing host community” where the lethal stockpile can be buried hundreds of metres underground over decades to come. There are also meetings in eight areas of England as the government hunts for a single location to bury the lethal waste. The waste, which has been accumulating from nuclear power stations over the last 60 years, is to be transferred from specially-engineered containers where it is currently building up to a subterranean Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) where it can be left forever. The government’s official line is that no location has been chosen and that any site will only be picked if a community is willing. Experts at the RWM (a subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) have been scouring Wales for suitable regions and this is what they have to say about the area in which you live.

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With Britain in sensitive Brexit discussions about the Irish border ‘backstop’, the GDF may have inadvertently become a new diplomatic point of contention between the two countries. This is one of several running stories in the UK media this week, that underline the complexities and sensitivities of finding a site for a geological disposal facility:

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Published: 11 February 2019