Comment – 16 August 2013

Radioactive Particles on Cumbrian Beaches

A  Review by CORE, sent to health protection agencies and others for urgent  consideration and response, concludes that the advice of the Health Protection  Agency (HPA now Public Health England) on the health risks of radioactive  particles being found in increasing numbers on West Cumbrian beaches is no  longer fit for purpose – and that public signs should be used to advise beach  users. The current (2012) advice of ‘very low risk’, takes no account of the  significant increase in radioactive particles being found (in parallel with a  dramatic reduction in beach areas being monitored), or of the uncertainties now  admitted by regulators on the behaviour and effects of the cache of offshore  radioactive particles and their transfer to beaches by tide and storm action.  Contrary to the official view  that beach signs are unnecessary, a snapshot  survey by CORE found that an overwhelming majority of beach users felt they had  a right to know about the presence of beach particles and would welcome the use  of signs to advise them accordingly.




Published: 16 August 2013