5 January 2007


Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman on Thursday dismissed the chief of the country’s nuclear weapons program because of security breakdowns at the Los Alamos, N.M., laboratory and other facilities.
Guardian website 5th Jan 2007

Nuclear Weapons

HENRY Kissinger, a former US secretary of state, and three other prominent security experts urged the United States yesterday to take the lead in creating “a world without nuclear weapons”.
Scotsman 5th Jan 2007

North Korea

North Korea appears to have prepared for a second nuclear weapons test, US television network ABC reported, citing US defense officials.
Interactive Investor 5th Jan 2007

The United States has no evidence to suggest North Korea is about to test a nuclear weapon, an intelligence official said on Thursday.
Reuters 4th Jan 2007


Iran’s top nuclear official said on Thursday that U.N. sanctions would not restrict its atomic programme, and that it was continuing to amass the raw material for uranium enrichment.
Reuters 4th Jan 2007

New nukes

If you travel on the London underground, you may be seeing a lot more of nuclear waste over the next few weeks than you’ve been used to. Wev’e joined The Mayor of London Ken Livingstone in launching a poster campaign to tell Londoners about the alternative to the new nuclear power stations Tony Blair wants to build – and inviting them to join the debate on our energy future.
Greenpeace Press Release 4th Jan 2007


RESIDENTS are being invited to have their say on how the area’s nuclear sites should be used once they close. The West Cumbria Sites Stakeholder Group is collecting community views on how the Sellafield, Windscale, Calder and Low Level Waste Repository sites should be used once each site has been decommissioned. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is currently working on its mission to clean up and close each site, with Sellafield expected to shut in 2012.
North West Evening Mail 4th Jan 2007


NUCLEAR decommissioning specialist, Project Services, has won a three-year contract to supply specialist measurement services to Sellafield and three other sites. The contract, awarded by British Nuclear Group, Sellafield, to BIL Solutions, the instrumentation and measurement business of Project Services, is worth up to £400,000 per year. It will aid employment both now and in the future, for the nuclear industry which may have to recruit up to 30,000 new jobs over the next 15 years to cover retirement and carry out cleaning up work. The contract will involve work on sites at Sellafield and Capenhurst along with the Low Level Waste Repository at Drigg.
North West Evening Mail 4th Jan 2007

Mayors for Peace

A Forest of Dean town council has joined a worldwide campaign group calling for a ban on nuclear weapons.Lydney Town Council voted for their mayor to join the international Mayors for Peace campaign at a meeting last month.
Gloucester Citizen 4th Jan 2007


The Stop the War Coalition and CND are predicting huge crowds at a demonstration in London on February 24 against replacing Trident and the war in Iraq. The rally is being organised to concentrate the minds of MPs on the strength of public opinion on Trident before the crucial Commons vote, when there will be a lobby of parliament.
Guardian 5th Jan 2007

The government has ulterior motives for keeping public fears at panic levels. Ministers want to justify the war in Iraq. And there’s the multibillion- pound ID cards fiasco. And the £2billion bill for MI5 and MI6. And the £24billion plan for “son of Trident” nuclear weapons.
Mirror 5th Jan 2007

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4 January 2007


Iran’s top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani is on a two-day trip to China. His visit comes after the UN Security Council imposed restrictions on Iran’s trade in nuclear materials and technology.
BBC 4th Jan 2007

Hossein Mousavian, a former Iranian nuclear negotiator close to the influential former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, called on Wednesday for renewed diplomacy with the west to break the crisis over Iran’s nuclear programme.
FT 4th Jan 2007

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today predicted that Iran would soon ‘push the button’ on production of nuclear fuel.
ANC Money 3rd Jan 2007


A dozen Staffordshire campaigners were arrested last month after they blocked the gates of a Scottish nuclear submarine base.
Stafford Post 3rd Jan 2007

On 19 December, students from Edinburgh, Stirling and St Andrews University P&P groups obstructed the entrances to Faslane Naval Base, where the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons system is housed.
People and Planet News 3rd Jan 2007

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3 January 2007


Eight people were arrested when a group of anti-nuclear protesters from Belgium staged a blockade of the Faslane Naval Base yesterday.
Herald 3rd January 2007
ICScotland 2nd Jan 2007

Magnox Closures

British Nuclear Group has begun the lengthy process to decommission the world’s two oldest commercial nuclear power facilities, Dungeness A in Kent and Sizewell A in Suffolk.
Energy Business Review 3rd Jan 2007
Liverpool Daily Post 2nd Jan 2007

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2 January 2007


Israel on Tuesday will test an underground installation in the Negev desert designed to monitor any attempt by arch-foe Iran to test nuclear devices.
Middle East Online 2nd Jan 2007


President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday that Iran would press ahead with its nuclear plans and that a U.N. resolution imposing sanctions on Iran was “invalid”.
Reuters 2nd Jan 2007


A CALL has gone out for people power to be harnessed to help halt plans for a Sizewell C and other new nuclear plants elsewhere in the UK. It came from Charles Barnett, chairman of the Shut Down Sizewell Campaign, at the group’s annual meeting where he was re-elected for a 21st term of office.
Suffolk Evening Star 2nd Jan 2007

Weapons convoy

Demands to publish details about nuclear warheads allegedly being transported through Preston have been slammed.
Lancashire Evening Post 1st Jan 2007

New nukes

The Energy White Paper is expected in March and is likely to underline the Government’s desire for new nuclear power stations and how companies would be encouraged to build them.
Times 2nd Jan 2007


British Nuclear Group The early bidding process for British Nuclear Group’s contract to manage Sellafield will begin, although a decision from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is not expected until 2008.
Times 2nd Jan 2007

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1 January 2007

Magnox Closures

THE world’s two oldest commercial nuclear power stations were closed down yesterday. Dungeness A in Kent and Sizewell A in Suffolk, which have been producing electricity for 40 years, were decommissioned because they are less efficient than their larger counterparts, and because a reprocessing plant at Sellafield, Cumbria, which is necessary to make their spent fuel safe, is due to close in 2012.
Scotsman 1st Jan 2007
Daily Mirror 1st Jan 2007
ICWales 31st Dec 2006

Dungeness A closes

BBC 31st Dec 2006


Bulgaria closed down two nuclear reactors at an atomic power plant in the country’s north-west just hours before the it was set to join the European Union.
Monsters and Critics 31st Dec 2006

New nukes

Peter Tatchell’s new poloicies for a new year: No nuclear power expansion. The government should invest in job-creating energy conservation, which could cut our energy needs by 25%, and develop renewables like off-shore wind farms, and wave and tidal power, which could provide at least 50% of our energy requirements.
Guardian 1st Jan 2007


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31 December 2006


Tornado jet fighters are being scrambled on intercept counter-hijacking operations every month to check on commercial airliners flying into British airspace, the head of the RAF has disclosed to The Times. Defence sources added that alarm bells would sound if an aeroplane
started heading for an obvious target such as a nuclear power plant or
other highly sensitive sites.
The Times 28 Dec, 2006


Yemen, one of the poorest Arab countries, has expressed a readiness to join a regional nuclear energy program under consideration by neighboring Gulf Arab states.
AlJazeera 30th Dec 2006

Magnox closures

BRITAIN’s two oldest nuclear power plants will be shut down tomorrow. The Magnox Sizewell A and Dungeness A reactors, in Suffolk and Kent respectively, have generated electricity for 40 years and have reached the end of their design life.
Observer 31st Dec 2006
Scotsman 30th Dec 2006
24Dash 30th Dec 2006


Tomorrow, Kofi Annan leaves the UN after 10 years as Secretary General. His successor, the former South Korean foreign minister Ban Ki-moon, has pledged to appoint a special UN envoy on North Korea to help solve the nuclear crisis. John Bolton, the US Ambassador to the UN, is leaving too, having failed to win the support of the US Senate.
Telegraph 31st Dec 2006

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30 December 2006

Sizewell A

Sizewell A (and Dungeness A) power station’s life is today drawing to a close as it will generate its last electricity for the national grid on New Year’s Eve.
Suffolk Evening Star 29th Dec 2006
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 29th Dec 2006
View London 29th Dec 2006
Reuters 29th Dec 2006


It was 2005 that was supposed to be the crucial year for nuclear non-proliferation. The fear was that the five-yearly conference to review the operation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) would founder amid recriminations, and that the 35-year-old treaty regime would, in effect, be dead. In the event, the review at the UN came and went. It achieved little, but did not collapse. A year that promised drama ended peacefully. The same can’t be said of 2006, when an event long feared happened: on 9 October, North Korea exploded a nuclear device.
Independent 29th Dec 2006

Review of the year

The closure and clean-up of Britain’s ageing nuclear power stations is expected to take more than 100 years. Sellafield in west Cumbria will be hit hard with 8,000 jobs, mostly in reprocessing, expected to disappear by 2018. But there were encouraging developments this year. Sellafield was chosen as the site for a national nuclear laboratory to spearhead civil atomic research. There could be new power plants at Sellafield and Chapelcross, near Annan. And the government accepted recommendations that burial is the best way to deal with radioactive waste, so breathing new life into the old Nirex proposals for an underground repository near Sellafield.
Carlisle News and Star 30th Dec 2006


Supporters of Prime Minister John Howard’s policy that Australia should introduce nuclear power are outnumbered by opponents, an opinion poll says.
Belfast Telegraph 30th Dec 2006

PRIME Minister John Howard said today nuclear energy was an inevitable option for Australia after a report found that 25 nuclear reactors could significantly cut greenhouse gases.
Edinburgh Evening News 29th Dec 2006
BBC 29th Dec 2006


Two crewmen from an American nuclear submarine died after they were swept overboard as the vessel was leaving the naval dockyard at Plymouth.
Times 30th Dec 2006


The government of Tony Blair (and his likely replacement Gordon Brown) made clear in June 2006 its intention that Britain’s Trident nuclear-weapon system would be replaced in due course. But this only became a formal recommendation with the publication in December 2006 of an official white paper, The Future of the United Kingdom’s Nuclear Deterrent (Command 6994). A parliamentary vote to ratify the decision is scheduled for March 2007.
Open Democracy 29th Dec 2006


UP to 12,000 police officers are to be given protective suits to deal with chemical or nuclear terror attacks, it was revealed yesterday.
Daily Mirror 30th Dec 2006
Telegraph 30th Dec 2006

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29 December 2006


BRITISH Nuclear Group officials yesterday denied reports that Sellafield’s Thorp reprocessing plant is to face a further delay in reopening. The Independent newspaper claimed on Saturday that it will be at least the summer before the troubled section of west Cumbria’s Sellafield complex would again be operational because of further technical problems. But a BNG spokeswoman denied that the summer was a target and said Thorp remained on track to open at the beginning of the new financial year in April.
Carlisle News and Star 28th Dec 2006

North Korea

South Korea on Friday termed North Korea a grave threat, a further sign of the deepening chill in relations between the two since Pyongyang’s nuclear test nearly three months ago.
Reuters 29th Dec 2006

Nuclear Weapons

Britain, under a Labour government, considered ditching its nuclear deterrent as a way of making crucial savings to help pave the way for an International Monetary Fund-backed rescue package during the sterling crisis of 1976, according to previously secret documents.
FT 29th Dec 2006
Times 29th Dec 2006
BBC 29th Dec 2006
Daily Mail 29th Dec 2006

MP Peter Viggers has taken part in the debate over whether to replace Britain’s nuclear weapons.
In the House of Commons, the Tory said: ‘I ask the prime minister to reassure us that he truly understands the philosophy of deterrence, which is complicated and tough.
Portsmouth Today 28th Dec 2006

Magnox Reactors

The world’s oldest operating nuclear reactors will be taken out of action on Sunday when British Nuclear Group (BNG) closes Dungeness A and Sizewell A. The reactors, which have been producing electricity for 40 years, are being decommissioned partly because increased safety inspection demands will render them no longer cost effective. Their lives have also been shortened because a reprocessing plant at Sellafield, which is necessary to make their spent fuel safe, is itself due to close in a few years.
Times 29th Dec 2006


Letter from Ambassador: Iran is a signatory to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and has categorically rejected development, stockpiling and use of nuclear weapons on ideological and strategic grounds, while on December 11 the Prime Minister of Israel appeared to admit that his country had nuclear weapons, although his aides later denied this.
Times 29th Dec 2006


MEMBERS of the public are being given the chance to have their say on the radioactive waste disposal practices of the British Nuclear Group Sellafield Ltd (BNGSL) site at Capenhurst. One of the site’s regulators, the Environment Agency, is responsible for setting conditions for the safe discharge and disposal of radioactive waste from the operations and is currently reviewing the authorisations held by BNGSL.
Ellesmere Port Pioneer 28th Dec 2006

Freedom of Information

Maurice Frankel says the FoI Act was an achievement its creators are trying to undermine.
Independent 28th Dec 2006

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28 December 2006


According to a new Study by Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, Iran could run out of oil to export in eight years without significant investment in infrastructure. The report, published by the US National Academy of Sciences, suggests that Iran’s nuclear programme could be a “genuine” opportunity for investors as oil production has failed to bridge oil field losses and domestic demand growth.
Report Iran 27th Dec 2006
View London 27th Dec 2006
Telegraph 28th Dec 2006

Iran’s parliament is urging the government to “revise” ties with the UN nuclear agency. The move could reduce the country’s cooperation with the international atomic authority. The vote comes just days after the UN Security Council decided to impose limited sanctions on Iran for its refusal to cease enrichment of uranium. Members of Iran’s ruling hierarchy have repeatedly urged the government to cut ties with the International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN’s nuclear watchdog.
Sky News 27th Dec 2006
Telegraph 28th Dec 2006


Russia and the US could sign a civil nuclear agreement next year which seeks co-operation on nuclear materials and enrichment facilities.
Independent 28th Dec 2006

Solar Power

New website to raise awareness about concentrating solar power – a major alternative to nuclear power, and

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27 December 2006


The price of uranium has soared on the global market by nearly a quarter in the past three months, but a new report predicts it will rise a further 75% within the next two years. And the boom in demand for the commodity needed to fuel nuclear power stations has led to enormous rises in the number of small uranium mining firms whose share values have rocketed.
Guardian 27th Dec 2006

The International Atomic Energy Agency is concerned that a doubling in the price of uranium has attracted so many miners to the sector that inspectors may not be able to keep track of the new supplies.The Vienna-headquartered agency, which regulates compliance with the Nuclear Weapons Non-proliferation Treaty, is talking with companies such as Cameco, of Canada, and BHP Billiton about how to improve monitoring of the uranium market.
Times 27th Dec 2006


OIL prices were on the rise again yesterday, amid concern at Iran’s reaction to tough United Nations sanctions aimed at tempering the country’s nuclear programme.
Scotsman 27th Dec 2006

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