Old Nuclear

Cavendish Nuclear has announced a 10 year contract with EDF Energy to sustain critical infrastructure at two of its UK nuclear power plants. The contract follows a strategic partnering agreement between Cavendish Nuclear and EDF Energy to support the continued operation of its existing fleet. Cavendish Nuclear, working in partnership with EDF Energy, will be renewing the primary shutdown systems of Heysham 2 and Torness, allowing the stations to continue generating safely and reliably until the end of their operating lives. Both are Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor stations that rely on some 3000 analogue modular elements, known as the reactor protection system, which monitor the reactors and are part of the station’s multi-layered safety systems which automatically shut-down the reactor if defined parameters are reached. The sister stations came on line in 1988 and both have had their lifetimes extended to 2030. The contract provides EDF Energy with assurance for the continued reliability and performance of the system for the remainder of their operating lives.

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Published: 12 February 2019