News 2016

31 December 2016


SHARES in Toshiba, the prime mover behind plans for a nuclear power station in west Cumbria, have gone into freefall. Forty per cent has been wiped off the Japanese company’s value after it said on Monday that its US subsidiary, Westinghouse Electric, may have overpaid by several billions of dollars for another nuclear construction and services business. To compound matters, the company is embroiled in an accounting scandal. Its shares plunged to 259 yen (£1.81) on Thursday before staging a …

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30 December 2016


Toshiba puts UK’s nuclear power plans under threat: Fears that crisis will halt Japanese firm’s investment in British plant. Toshiba owns a 60 per cent stake in the planned £10billion NuGen nuclear power project in Moorside, Cumbria, which aims to supply power for about 6million homes from 2025. But shares plunged at Toshiba for the third day running yesterday after it warned of a multi-billion dollar write-down involving its US nuclear subsidiary. Forty per cent has been wiped off the …

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29 December 2016


“Serious industrial unrest” at Europe’s biggest nuclear site could threaten the Conservatives’ chances of winning a forthcoming byelection, unions have warned. The byelection in the marginal Cumbrian seat of Copeland has been described as “Theresa May’s to lose”. But the Conservative candidate hoping to overturn Labour’s 2,564 majority will have to explain to thousands of workers at the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing site why the government is trying to downgrade their final-salary pension scheme. Trade unions representing many of Sellafield’s 10,000 …

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28 December 2016

Nuclear Safety

Whitehall is investigating the nuclear regulator after The Times revealed that several serious accidents had been dismissed as posing no safety risk. The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has come under fire from experts who argue it is too close to the industry to police it rigorously. Yesterday an investigation disclosed that the inadvertent discharge of a torpedo at a nuclear submarine docks in Plymouth, a complete power cut at the country’s nuclear weapons base and the contamination of …

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27 December 2016

Nuclear Accidents

The nuclear safety regulator has been accused of turning a blind eye to dozens of serious mistakes at power plants and military bases. A torpedo inadvertently fired by a Navy warship at the nuclear submarine dock in Plymouth and three road accidents involving vehicles carrying radioactive material were among the events dismissed as posing no danger. Analysis by The Times shows that while the number of safety incidents formally declared by the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has been …

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26 December 2016


There’s widespread concern about the role Communist China may play in the new nuclear power stations planned at Hinkley Point (in Somerset), Sizewell (Suffolk) and Bradwell (Essex). Many experts say it’s a criminal risk to Britain’s national security because China is well known for cyber-espionage. Undaunted, Maldon District Council, which covers Bradwell, is ready to cash in, offering councillors free lessons in Mandarin. This has angered environment expert Professor Andy Blowers, who believes that — in any language — it …

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24 December 2016

Horizon & NuGen

Japan and the UK will expand their existing collaboration in civil nuclear activities – including decommissioning, research and development, and nuclear new build – through a memorandum of cooperation signed yesterday in Tokyo. The document states, “Both sides reaffirm to each other their desire to increase commercial and research collaboration, and to develop their strategic partnership in this field, which both sides recognise as of important mutual benefit.”The memorandum covers cooperation on decommissioning and decontamination, research and development, …

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23 December 2016

New Nuclear

Britain and Japan have signed an agreement that significantly expands cooperation in the nuclear energy sector and paves the way for Japanese companies to construct nuclear plants in the UK. It also covers cooperation in the areas of decommissioning and decontamination and it is anticipated that the deal will give British companies with advanced technologies greater access to projects at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, where three of the six reactors suffered melt-downs after the March 2011 earthquake and …

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22 December 2016


THE routes nuclear waste from other power plants will travel to reach Bradwell have been revealed. Controversial plans to allow Magnox to remove a planning condition barring it from storing waste removed from other plants was approved by Essex County Council in August. The intermediate level waste, which would come from Sizewell in Suffolk and Dungeness in Kent, typically consists of sludge, sand, gravel and metal. As part of the approval Magnox is required to provide the route the waste …

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21 December 2016

Nuclear Investment

The UK government should utilise pension scheme demand for infrastructure to help fund a new nuclear power plant in North Wales, according to the chief executive of the Pensions Infrastructure Platform (PiP). Mike Weston, who has led the PiP since its formation in 2014, said the government should consider a similar funding structure to that employed in 2015 when securing institutional backing for the Thames Tideway Tunnel, a project to modernise London’s sewers. The site for the nuclear power …

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