News June 2015

1 June 2015


THE last of 32 consignments of breeder fuel used in Dounreay’s dome-shaped reactor has arrived by rail at the giant Sellafield reprocessing plant in Cumbria. The 11 tonne payload of irradiated uranium was taken in batches by lorry from the Caithness site to the specially constructed railhead at Georgemas where it was loaded on to a train operated by DRS, the national nuclear freight operator. The breeder fuel had been kept in secure stores at Dounreay following the closure of the Dounreay Fast Reactor in 1977. The material had originally been earmarked to remain at Dounreay but in 2011, the UK government opted to move the fuel for reprocessing at Sellafield. In December 2012, site licence company DSRL oversaw the first of the 32 movements. The final shipment arrived in Sellafield earlier this month. A further 33 tonnes of breeder material remains inside the reactor and is also scheduled to be transported to Sellafield.

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Posted: 1 June 2015