News February 2015

28 February 2015


Dounreay bosses stay silent over turmoil claims. Management at Dounreay yesterday refused to comment on claims that the site is in turmoil and that morale among staff is at rock bottom. According to sources inside the plant some long serving employees “can’t remember it being so bad”. The workforce is concerned at the way the plant is being run while trade unions have submittede a letter of little or no confidence in the management and have been involved in talks …

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27 February 2015


The former prime minister of Japan has called for nuclear power plans to be “abandoned” during a two day visit to Wales. Naoto Kan was the country’s premier during the disaster at Fukushima in 2011 which was caused by a tsunami that hit Japan’s Pacific coast. But he has since become a staunch anti-nuclear campaigner and has delivered “stark” warnings over the UK’s commitment to nuclear energy. After meeting Assembly members in Cardiff this afternoon, Mr Kan will then head …

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26 February 2015

New Nuclear

As the UK’s nuclear dream fades, writes Chris Goodall, investors are turning to the possibilities of ‘Concentrating Solar Power’ in the Sahara connected to Europe by HVDC power lines. The cost would be much lower than nuclear or offshore wind, and provide reliable baseload capacity. With the UK government’s say so, Tunisian sunshine could soon be powering our grid. The AP1000 plants being built in the US states of Georgia and South Carolina now look as though they will …

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25 February 2015


A MAJOR conference on nuclear power and the proposal to build a new reactor at Hinkley Point takes place next month in London to coincide with the fourth anniversary of the Fukushima disaster in Japan. The event on Thursday, March 5, will be hosted by Green MEP Molly Scott Cato, whose South-West constituency is home to Hinkley, and Green MEPs Rebecca Harms, Claude Turmes and Michel Reimon. The event will present the initial findings of a new report which will …

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24 February 2015


France’s energy minister said on Monday that an overhaul of the country’s state-controlled nuclear energy industry was imminent, after one of the country’s main builders of nuclear power plants warned of a loss that could hamper its ability to continue operating independently. The minister, Ségolène Royal, told reporters that France’s main nuclear power companies “should organize themselves to refocus on their core business, to forge alliances between major French enterprises and to win bids at the international level.”Ms. Royal spoke …

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23 February 2015


Letter Dr Ian Fairlie: This is a copy of a letter I have sent to the headteacher of Keswick School: Dear Mr Jackson, I was concerned to read your recent email to Ms Birkby refusing your school’s facilities for a meeting to discuss proposed new nuclear power stations in your area. Your reason apparently is that “The school will not allow its premises to be let to persons or organisations that in the Governor’s view, disturb the principles of Community …

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22 February 2015


BRITAIN’S nuclear plants are at risk from a terrorist strike by unmanned drone aircraft. Such an attack could kill tens of thousands of people, a Government adviser has warned. But authorities are “burying their heads in the sand,” according to John Large. His call for an urgent security overhaul comes as fi gures showed nuclear power plants suffered 37 security breaches last year – the highest numberalso been breached a dozen times since 2011, including by at least one drone. …

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21 February 2015


A conservation group has accused council chiefs of “cutting corners” in the assessment of a proposed new 165-acre wildlife site to replace internationally-important habitat that will be lost if Sizewell C is built.

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20 February 2015


A FORMER Prime Minister of Japan is to visit Anglesey next week to campaign against the construction of the Wylfa Newydd nuclear plant. Naoto Kan was at the helm of his country’s Government at the time of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011, the largest incident of its kind since the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. Mr Kan stepped down from office in the wake of the meltdown and has become a staunch anti-nuclear campaigner. Mr Kan will arrive in Wales from …

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19 February 2015

Nuclear Safety

The discovery of over 16,000 cracks in two Belgian reactor vessels may have global implications for nuclear safety, says the country’s nuclear safety chief. He and independent experts are calling for the immediate checks of nuclear reactor vessels worldwide.

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