News March 2013

4 March 2013

New Nukes

The government needs a “plan B” on nuclear power, because of the danger that new reactors will not be built in time to avoid energy shortages and possible blackouts, an influential committee of MPs has warned. The warning follows concerns raised by Alistair Buchanan, the outgoing chief executive of the energy regulator, Ofgem, that the decommissioning of many of the UK’s ageing fleet of power stations could sharply increase the risk of shortages within a few years. EDF Energy, …

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3 March 2013

Magnox Decommissioning

Consortia vying for the contract to decommission £7bn of nuclear waste are spending as much as £1m a month on bidding. In a sign that government procurement costs remain eye-wateringly high, sources said the four bidders had spent “well into the teens of millions” on working up their proposals in a process that began 18 months ago. The contract, formally launched last summer, will see the clean-up of 12 nuclear sites including obsolete magnox stations in Gloucestershire and Essex. …

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2 March 2013

Sellafield (Moorside)

Toshiba is expected to buy an empty reactor site at Sellafield, in a move that the Government hopes will kick-start Britain’s faltering programme. Toshiba, the owner of Westinghouse, has approached Iberdrola, co-owner of the Nugen project, to build a reactor on the Cumbria site. The Japanese group recently appointed PwC to advise on investing in nuclear projects in Britain. Iberdrola, which has always denied that it wants to leave the Nugen project, is close to appointing an investment bank …

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1 March 2013


People in the area worst affected by Japan’s Fukushima nuclear accident two years ago have a slightly higher risk of developing certain cancers, the World Health Organization said on Thursday.

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