News June 2012

30 June 2012


Simon James: The Lib Dem standing up for the nuclear industry Simon James is a Lib Dem councillor with parliamentary ambitions. Here, the former Goth and lighting engineer discusses his day-job as the Nuclear Industry Association’s public affairs supremo with Adam Hill.

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Tom Greatrex: Shadow Energy Minister: New nuclear makes sense from the perspective of climate change, security of supply and jobs and growth. Alongside renewables and carbon capture and storage, nuclear energy …

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29 June 2012


Energy Bill critique by Dieter Helm – serious problems embedded in EMR .

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Letter: Mr Ingham also uses the existence of poor people in the Upper Calder Valley to argue against subsidies for renewable energy as he claims these cost each household an extra £100 per year. However, he supports the government’s plans to give subsidies to the nuclear industry via the Contract for Difference which will also lead to an increase in …

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28 June 2012

Energy Bill

A series of roundtable discussions, organised by the University of Exeter, SSE, Consumer Focus and WWF has found that Government’s draft Energy Bill and existing energy efficiency policies will fail to deliver a secure, clean and affordable power sector for the UK and would result in the UK missing out on some key economic growth opportunities.

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Parish councillor Paul Gripton made an impassioned plea for early morning peace and quiet for …

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27 June 2012


The Coalition’s plans to keep Britain’s lights on with green electricity have a “high risk” of failing, the Major Projects Authority has warned. Up to six flagship projects have been classified as “high risk” by the spending watchdog, including new nuclear power stations and key reforms of the electricity market. The authority, set up by David Cameron last year, has described the Coalition’s plans to encourage more wind farms and nuclear power stations as “feasible”. However, the watchdog is “doubtful” …

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26 June 2012


Barring some unlikely bizarre manoeuvres and political chicanery it is impossible for EDF to achieve the terms they need to fund even one nuclear project, namely the 3.2 GWe twin reactor project at Hinkley C. How do I come to this conclusion? Because the sheer cost of the sort of contract that EDF would demand in order to proceed with the project at Hinkley C would be far too prohibitive for the Treasury to accept under the terms of the …

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25 June 2012


The group looking into whether west Cumbria should put itself forward to host an underground nuclear waste store will consider its report at a meeting in Keswick today. Last month the majority of people living in the west of the county said they would be happy to go to the next stage. The Managing Radio Active Waste Safely Partnership will consider the first draft of its final report, which they are due to finalise and present to the decision making …

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24 June 2012


Rosatom, Russia’s state atomic energy corporation, is holding consultations over its possible involvement in the British nuclear program, according to Kirill Komarov, the deputy head of Rosatom responsible for development and international business. “We are consulting with various stakeholders, but it is premature to talk of joining any current new build project,” said Komarov. The Russian exporters might encounter some difficulties in this rather narrow and competitive market segment, because the UK has its own licensing requirements for nuclear projects, …

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23 June 2012


Energy giant EdF Energy wants the government to speed up its reforms to the energy market to enable the firm to make its final investment decision for its proposed nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point C. EdF Energy special projects director Jeremy Western said yesterday that there were still areas within energy market reform where the “government needed to do more work”. “There are three priorities for government,” Western told the Nuclear Forum Conference. The three areas where Western urged …

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22 June 2012

Nuclear Costs

Increased investment in nuclear power will help provide cheap, safe and popular energy, according to a report out today from the Institute of Directors. The business group argues electricity from new nuclear plants would cost £70 per megawatt hour, compared with £95 from gas generation and £130 from coal. Wind is even more expensive – £145 per megawatt hour for onshore turbines. The survey found 84 per cent of firms back building more nuclear plants.

City AM 22nd June 2012

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21 June 2012

Horizon and Bradwell

The UK government is in active and positive negotiations with several parties for the sale of Horizon Nuclear Power, Lord Jonathan Marland, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Energy and Climate Change, told the House of Lords on June 19. Credible reports have said Westinghouse is aligned with China’s State Nuclear Power Technology Corp., while Areva is lined up with China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corp. in potential bids for Horizon. There are at least two other potential bidders: …

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