News January 2012

31 January 2012

New Nukes

Even before the Fukushima disaster, the long-awaited nuclear renaissance in the West seemed to be running out of steam. There were two main factors behind this failure; the new Generation III+ reactors produced to take account of the lessons of Chernobyl that would spearhead the revival were not living up to their promises, and, more importantly, banks were proving unwilling to provide finance. The US and UK governments seem oblivious to the idea that Fukushima might have any implications …

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30 January 2012

Supply Chain

Sheffield Forgemasters has presented its technical developments into civil nuclear manufacture, including forging processes which have not been achieved anywhere else in the world, to industry leaders at a national conference. The engineering specialist was invited to present at the UK Trade and Industry’s UK Civil Nuclear Energy Showcase conference in London alongside Vince Cable, the secretary of state for business, innovation and skills and speakers from Rolls-Royce, NAMRC, Westinghouse and AMEC. Forgemasters’ presentation by chief executive Graham Honeyman …

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29 January 2012


Anti-nuclear campaign group Boycott EDF targeted the UK headquarters of EDF Energy in central London this Friday at lunchtime as part of the national days of action called by the Climate Justice Collective’s Fuel Poverty Action campaign.

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There was a sting in the tail for the operators of Torness Nuclear Power Station near Dunbar when industry watchdogs highlighted that an invasion of jellyfish posed “a challenge to station systems related to safety.” The Office …

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28 January 2012


The money and jobs a new nuclear power station in Somerset will bring outweighs any safety concerns among local people, MPs have been told. A top executive from EDF Energy said communities around Hinkley Point want the huge economic boost and are not worried about safety. But anti-nuclear campaigners say thousands of people have signed a petition protesting against the project. Stop Hinkley says it has given the Independent Planning Commission, which will decide the application, a 13,000 signature petition …

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27 January 2012

Carbon Floor Price

Government plans to prop up the price of emitting carbon dioxide for businesses have been dealt a blow by MPs, who have blasted the proposals as a handicap to British companies. The “carbon floor price” would ensure that companies were paying a minimum price for producing carbon, in contrast to the European Union’s existing emissions trading scheme under which the price of emissions can plunge to near zero. By propping up the cost of carbon, and therefore of …

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26 January 2012


AN MSP is demanding answers about the state of a Ross-shire railway line over which 90 shipments of nuclear material will start being transported this summer. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has confirmed trains carrying around 44 tonnes of nuclear material will pass through Ross-shire’s major towns including Tain, Invergordon, Alness, Dingwall and Muir of Ord over the next five to six years. The breeder material will travel down the far north line from Dounreay in Caithness – but the …

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25 January 2012

New Nukes

Greenpeace launched a judicial review of the Nuclear Power National Policy Statement (NPS), the only challenge made to any of the six energy NPSs after they were designated (brought into force) on 19 July 2011. Greenpeace argued that the designation of the NPS was premature in the light of the Fukushima accident in Japan in March, given that at that time Mike Weightman had only produced an interim report on lessons learned for the UK and suggested that …

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24 January 2012

New Nukes

Lawyers send complaint to European Commission about subsidies for nuclear power. A formal complaint about subsidies for nuclear power has been sent to the European Commission. If it is upheld, it unlikely that any new nuclear power stations will be built in the UK or elsewhere in the EU. The complaint may be followed by legal action in the courts or actions by politicians to reduce or remove subsidies for nuclear power. The complaint has been prepared by lawyers …

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23 January 2012


A new French study of childhood leukaemia near nuclear power plants has found a statistically significant increase in leukaemia in children below age 15 in 2002-2007 within 5 km of 19 French NPPs. The French finding is persuasive as it was determined in two separate ways. First, by a comprehensive nationwide case-control study. And second, by a conventional incidence study. Many newspapers in France (but none in the UK) carried this story prominently, but in fact it is the fourth …

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22 January 2012


THOUSANDS of tonnes of deadly nuclear waste would be returned to Scotland from south of the Border if the SNP wins independence, a Labour MP has claimed. Jamie Reed, whose constituency includes Sellafield, said it would be against British law for Europe’s largest atomic plant to retain toxic material from a “foreign country”. He said an independent Scotland would have a “legal and moral responsibility” to take back waste from six current and historic nuclear reactors – at Dounreay, Hunterston, …

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