News October 2011

31 October 2011


Taxpayers will be expected to pay the full costs of closing down and decommissioning a nuclear fuel plant at Sellafield which was built to provide plutonium-uranium mixed oxides (Mox) fuel to foreign power companies. A senior Sellafield executive has reassured Japanese customers that they will not have to pay the expected £100m costs of decommissioning the Sellafield Mox Plant, in Cumbria, which was closed in August because of Japan’s “anticipated” cancellation of orders as a consequence of the Fukushima incident. …

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30 October 2011

Plan B

The Plan B authors propose investment that would be made possible by a new round of quantitative easing. Beyond the usual suspects, such as transport and housing, the main plank of the plan would be the development of a Green New Deal, and the job creation that would come with ensuring the UK was the most environmentally friendly country in the world.

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Exhibition and series of events: In Lakeland’s leaky geology; a huge …

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29 October 2011

New Nukes

French power company Electricite de France SA, or EDF, (EDF.FR), Friday decided to delay the construction of four planned nuclear reactors in the U.K., a company spokeswoman said, confirming a report from Les Echos newspaper. EDF is taking time to evaluate the consequences of delays at a reactor under construction in Flamanville, northern France and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan, the spokeswoman said. EDF will release a new calendar for the project during the fall, she said. …

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28 October 2011


A nuclear programme that was abandoned two decades ago has emerged as a possible 11th-hour solution to Britain’s plutonium-waste headache, which the Government has to decide on within weeks. Government officials are looking again at the possibility of using nuclear “fast reactors”, which were dropped by Britain in 1994, to dispose of more than 100 tonnes of waste plutonium stored at Sellafield in Cumbria. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and senior advisers within the Department for Energy and Climate Change …

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27 October 2011

Energy Security

A new report states that the government must start thinking strategically about energy security to protect the UK’s energy supply. The report, published by MPs on the Energy and Climate Change Committee, argues that gas storage capacity needs to be increased in the UK to minimise the potential damage from supply interruptions or price spikes. The UK is already reasonably energy secure, but encouraging investment in gas storage and insulating more homes will improve its position and help to …

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26 October 2011

New Nukes

New report from No Need for Nuclear will show that the evidence given to Ministers, MPs and Parliament, on which they based their decisions in support of new nuclear power stations was false and an incorrect summary of the actual evidence and research carried out within Government.

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The German consortium planning to build new nuclear plants in the UK is negotiating a cash injection of up to €5bn in exchange for a 25 …

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25 October 2011

Non-Nuclear Futures

The UK could be primarily powered by renewable energy by 2030 without the need for new nuclear power plants, according to a report commissioned by WWF. Between 60% and 90% of the nation’s electricity could come from wind, solar, tidal and other sustainable sources, with the rest supplied via an international supergrid and gas power stations. David Nussbaum, chief executive of WWF-UK says “Failure to commit to a high-renewables future would leave us facing the prospect of dangerous levels …

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24 October 2011


RESIDENTS angry at the decision to allow nuclear waste to be dumped near their village have raised £10,000 to help fund a legal battle. Campaigners organised quiz nights, safari suppers and yard and garage sales to raise the funds for the court case. They hope it will overturn the decision to allow the waste to be dumped at Augean’s East Northants Resource Management Facility, in Stamford Road, King’s Cliffe. They have also received personal donations towards a £30,000 target to …

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23 October 2011

Energy Prices

The advice of Chris Huhne, the energy secretary, for families to shop around to save money on power bills has been undermined by research that found most households would save only £1 a week by changing supplier. Some may even end up paying more. The figure is only a quarter of the sum Huhne’s Department for Energy and Climate Change claimed last week could be saved after a “summit” between the secretary of state and the six biggest power …

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22 October 2011

Nuclear Subsidy

This government has never had much of an energy policy, beyond flatulent assertions that it would “make renewables come of age”. It lavishes billions on subsidising turbines, and Mr Huhne embraces some of the most ambitious carbon emission targets in the world. The consequence is that energy costs continue to soar – consumer prices have almost doubled in five years – while progress is meagre towards averting a threatened British energy crunch a decade hence. Whatever the government does, …

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