News November 2011

30 November 2011

Old Reactors

Studsvik has signed a seven-year contract with EDF Energy Nuclear Generation for carrying out materials testing on irradiated fuel and fuel components from Advanced Gas cooled Reactors (AGR). The fuel and materials tests will be carried out at Studsvik’s facilities and are made in support of the safety cases and operation of EDF Energy Nuclear Generation’s UK AGR reactors. The seven-year contract is valued at SEK94.5m, and Studsvik intends to extend the contract for a further ten years.

Energy Business

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29 November 2011

New Nukes

Building new nuclear power stations will make it harder for the UK to switch to renewable energy, said one of the top German officials leading the country’s nuclear energy phase-out. But Jochen Flasbarth, president of the Environmental Protection Agency in Germany, who advises the German government, said: “We are not missionaries, and every country will have to find its own way in energy policy, but it is obvious that nuclear plants are too inflexible and cannot sufficiently respond to …

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28 November 2011

New Nukes

Fred Pearce: I never thought I’d say this – but the future is nuclear. Or it should be. And I urge Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne – who, like me, has been an opponent of nuclear power – to embrace that future. Our energy bills depend on it. And so may our climate. Huhne’s ‘green tax’ sparked anger last week as it became clear that this surcharge on our energy bills will rise to £280 a …

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27 November 2011


America’s General Electric will this week offer to build an advanced nuclear power plant at Sellafield that would consume Britain’s dangerous stockpile of plutonium. Sellafield is home to about 112 tonnes of plutonium, which takes thousands of years to decay. It was produced in the recycling of nuclear fuel and for the atomic weapons programme. Several schemes have been proposed to deal with it, including the construction of a deep underground store and the building of a new plant to …

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26 November 2011


Somerset residents who want to have a say on the Hinkley Point nuclear power station proposal are being invited to a series of drop-in sessions. The Infrastructure Planning Commission yesterday announced that it is satisfied it can proceed to decide the application, submitted by EDF Energy.

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The Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC) has formally accepted for examination EDF Energy’s application to build a nuclear power station at the existing Hinkley Point nuclear site …

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25 November 2011

Opinion Polls

There is little public appetite across the world for building new nuclear reactors, a poll for the BBC indicates. In countries with nuclear programmes, people are significantly more opposed than they were in 2005, with only the UK and US bucking the trend. Most believe that boosting efficiency and renewables can meet their needs. Just 22% agreed that “nuclear power is relatively safe and an important source of electricity, and we should build more nuclear power plants”.

BBC 25th Nov

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24 November 2011


The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority today named Babcock Dounreay Partnership as its preferred bidder to acquire Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd. Babcock Dounreay Partnership is a consortium of Babcock International Group, CH2M HILL and URS. Subject to legal, contractual and regulatory clearance, it will formally acquire the site licence company on April 2, 2012, from its existing parent body, UKAEA Ltd, part of Babcock International Group.

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23 November 2011

Nuclear Research

British hopes of seeing a raft of shiny new nuclear power stations coming online by 2025 have suffered another blow after peers denounced the government’s plans as ‘simply lacking credibility’. The coalition has become ‘complacent’, with an ‘absence of leadership and strategic thinking’ over the programme, the House of Lords science and technology select committee has found. In a forthright report, it said low spending on research and development into the technology risks putting Britain’s future nuclear aspirations in …

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22 November 2011

Nuclear Security

The economic crisis has triggered a significant increase in the number of nuclear workers vulnerable to bribes, the government’s nuclear security watchdog has warned. Roger Brunt, who was director of civil nuclear security with the Office for Nuclear Regulation, has revealed that growing numbers of workers vetted for national security reasons have run into financial difficulties, and had their clearances reviewed. In a report to ministers covering 2009-11, released online today, Brunt also expressed concern about the vetting of …

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21 November 2011


People in West Cumbria are being asked for their views on whether the area should be used to bury nuclear waste. The government needs a permanent home for much of the radioactive waste currently stored at Sellafield. Several local authorities in the county have already expressed an interest in hosting an underground repository. The West Cumbria Managing Radioactive Waste Safely Partnership, which includes many Cumbrian councils, begins the four-month consultation on Monday.

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A brief …

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