News February 2011

28 February 2011


Britain is coming under increasing pressure to provide Ukraine with an extra €50m (£43m) to construct a new contamination shield over the top of the stricken Chernobyl nuclear plant before the old one collapses. Officials from the European commission said governments around the world were being urged to find €750m to help build a more sophisticated roof over the burnt-out reactor and storage for 200 tonnes of highly radioactive fuel. Jean-Paul Joulia, from the commission’s nuclear safety unit, admitted the …

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27 February 2011

New Nukes

Using the lever of nuclear power and financial assets generated around them, the intended mechanism featured a massive finance bubble driven by a construction spree of new, industry standard, Chernobyl-sized (900 MW and over) reactors right across the Southern emerging and developing countries, through 2010-2020. The lynchpin target for this socalled Nuclear Renaissance was the entire Mid East and North African region – the Arab world including outlyer countries such as Sudan and the Central Asian muslim republics. As …

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26 February 2011


Communities living near the planned Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in Somerset are to get £20m. Energy company EDF has increased the amount in its community fund from £1m following criticism from local authorities. But the chief executive of Sedgemoor District Council says the money is not enough.

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CIVIL engineering firm Jones Bros is carrying out landscaping and access work at the …

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25 February 2011


The first phase of public consultation over plans for an underground nuclear dump in Cumbria has ended. The West Cumbria Managing Radioactive Waste Safely Partnership (MRWS) was set up to consult the public over the issue. It organised drop-in sessions, sent out information packs, collected comments and answered questions. It will now collate the data received during the process and will publish its findings later in the spring. It will then advise the three councils whether or not they should …

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24 February 2011

Nuclear Waste

TRANSMUTATION, in which lasers might cut the half-life of radioactive waste from millions of years to mere minutes, and other futuristic remediation technologies, have believers. From now on, any underground nuclear waste dumps built in the UK will be designed to allow for the possibility of such technologies. So said the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) in new technical and safety rules published this week. Any new sites must allow waste to be retrievable for 100 years. Although there …

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23 February 2011

New Nukes

Companies looking to build new nuclear power plants in the UK should seek to learn from the problems reported in Europe and the successes in China and South Korea in order to mitigate budget over-runs and delays. A new report from KPMG International has found that despite a reputation for spiraling project costs and delays, the nuclear power industry is experiencing a global resurgence as demand grows for low-cost, low-carbon power technologies. To capitalise on such a substantial opportunity, …

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22 February 2011

Nuclear Costs

On the surface, the UK’s nuclear new build programme has a serene inevitability about it. But rising construction costs and low and volatile electricity prices are indications that plenty could go wrong. Evidence is emerging of rising costs of construction (see Figure 1). Also, there is concern about the electricity price’s volatility and low price. Wholesale electricity prices reached a peak of almost GBP 100/MWh in September 2008. Since then have been below GBP 40/MWh for much of 2009 …

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21 February 2011


NUCLEAR power looks set to be a big part of Gloucester’s future as energy giants prepare to expand their operations. With EDF Energy’s Barnwood base due to take on apprentices and build a new power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset and Brockworth-based firm Horizon due to build a plant at Oldbury, the county is already thriving with activity in the field. Now Areva, which designs nuclear reactors, has announced it too has established itself in the county as it …

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20 February 2011


A NEW nuclear power station at Hinkley Point is expected to give West Somerset’s economy a major boost with up to 5,000 people needed to complete the project. EDF Energy, the company behind the plans, is about to embark on the next stage of consultations into its proposals for Hinkley Point C.

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WILLITON should get funding for a public swimming pool, new leisure facilities and a link road as part of EDF …

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19 February 2011


In their rush to approve a newly designed nuclear reactor slated for proposed power plants throughout the southeastern United States, federal regulators are ignoring safety issues raised by a pattern of containment failures in reactors. That’s the urgent message at the center of two recent reports examining the design of the Westinghouse AP1000 reactor, which the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is in the process of certifying. Both reports were written by Arnold Gundersen, a former senior nuclear industry official and …

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