News September 2009

30 September 2009

New Nukes

The nuclear industry “owes a lot” to the Labour Party, MP Jamie Reed told a told a fringe meeting in Brighton on Sunday. “Every single major investment and decision made about this industry in this country has been made by Labour governments,” the Labour parliamentarian claimed. And Lord Hunt of Kings Heath told the audience that Britain had been given a rare second chance to develop its nuclear industry. Speaking at an event sponsored by the Nuclear Industries Association, …

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29 September 2009

Waste Transport

The NDA has received advice from Sellafield Ltd and the NDA’s commercial and transport subsidiary, International Nuclear Services that the infrastructure is in place and plans are sufficiently advanced to support the commencement of the VRR (Vitrified Residue Return) programme in the current financial year (2009/10), subject to necessary authorisations and detailed timings to be agreed with Regulators, Customers and Government departments in the UK and overseas.

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NORWAY has complained it received no …

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28 September 2009


A resurgence of global interest in nuclear power is driving a boom in orders from this area, the centre of the French nuclear industry. To cope with demand, Areva is hiring up to 1,000 people per month to prepare for a surge in orders from around the world. Luc Oursel, chief executive of Areva Nuclear Plants, the core nuclear reactor manufacturing division, said: “We are convinced about the nuclear renaissance.” Despite the recession, Areva, which is 91 per cent-owned …

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27 September 2009


Five local activists calling themselves the Sizewell Blockaders are appearing in Lowestoft court next week (w/c 28 Sept 09) charged with aggravated trespass at Sizewell Nuclear Power Stations.

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THE West’s message to the developing world on nuclear weapons has always been shot through with moral ambiguity. Yes, we have a vast nuclear arsenal, say Britain, France and the United States, but nuclear weapons are a very bad idea and so other countries …

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26 September 2009


Henri Proglio, the chief executive of Veolia, the French water and waste management group, is expected to be named as head of EdF, the state electricity giant, this weekend. Mr Proglio, 60, will replace Pierre Gadonneix as chief executive of EdF, which bought British Energy for £12.4 billion one year ago, according to French government insiders. The move is likely to be finalised by President Sarkozy before an EdF board meeting on Sunday.

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25 September 2009

New Nukes

EDF Energy is moving ahead with plans to build four nuclear power plants after joining forces with Rolls Royce. Under the agreement, Rolls Royce will supply engineering and technical support during the planning and construction phases.

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Processing of nuclear fuel has been granted an exemption from European Union (EU) plans to auction carbon dioxide emissions allowances from 2013, although the exemption list will be reviewed before 2010.

World Nuclear News 24th Sept 2009

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24 September 2009

New Nukes

More than 30 countries have announced proposals to pursue nuclear new-build as part of their future energy strategy, and the number is growing steadily. More than ten countries have reactors under construction. So which regions are attractive for investment in nuclear power? How can opportunities in different countries be assessed? And what are the implications for the industry? To answer these questions, Ernst & Young evaluated the issues of primary concern to technology vendors, construction groups and utilities to …

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23 September 2009

Sellafield Site

A consortium of Iberdrola SA (IBE.MC), GDF Suez (GSZ.FR) and Scottish and Southern Energy PLC (SSE.LN) has filed an expression of interest in buying land suitable for new nuclear power plants adjacent to the nuclear site at Sellafield in Cumbria, northwest England, an Iberdrola spokesman said Tuesday.

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Geotechnical contractor Hydrock began preliminary work at Oldbury, Gloucestershire, on behalf of energy giant E.on. Oldbury is one of 11 sites proposed by the …

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22 September 2009


EDF is looking to offload another 20% stake in British Energy, according to a report in France. It has already sold a 20% stake in the nuclear generator to Centrica but needs to raise capital to fund its nuclear programme and pay off debts. The report in La Tribune newspaper said that the Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund or Morgan Stanley’s infrastructure fund could be interested but did not give any further details. More imminent is a decision from EDF …

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21 September 2009


The National Grid is preparing for the arrival of the new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point. The high-voltage network will need to be upgraded, and a 37-mile-long, 400,000 volt overhead line built between Hinkley and the Seabank substation in Avonmouth. That’ll happen in 2016, at a cost of around £2-million per mile.

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A nuclear power station has been sent a final warning letter after radioactive waste leaked into the sea. Around …

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