News May 2009

31 May 2009


Claims by a west Cumbrian MP that a Tory Government would not back the building of new nuclear reactors could wreck the area’s chance of getting one, according to a Conservative councillor.

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CHAPELCROSS nuclear power plant near Annan is going green. Currently being defuelled and decommissioned after ceasing production five years ago, many non-hazardous waste materials from the site have been recycled and Chapelcross site director Dave Wilson is keen to promote waste …

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30 May 2009

New Nukes

Stephen Tindale: Everyone should support the building of new nuclear power stations, to help tackle climate change. We must stop arguing about whether energy efficiency, renewables, carbon capture and storage or nuclear are ‘better’ to cut carbon emissions. We need all of them.

Nuclear Engineering International 29th May 2009 more >>

Phil Radford talks to Bibi van der Zee about becoming the new executive director of Greenpeace USA. He says nuclear reactors are sitting ducks for terrorists.

Guardian 29th May

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29 May 2009


Sellafield’s Thorp reprocessing plant will not be shut down, staff have been told. There had been fears about its future after the failure of an essential 50-year-old piece of equipment. Evaporator B had to shut down after an increase in radioactivity levels. But bosses said that it had been fixed and would be returned to service by the end of the week.

Carlisle News and Star 28th May 2009 more >>

National Nuclear Laboratory

Energy and Climate Change Minister, Mike O’Brien, …

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28 May 2009


SELLAFIELD has been given the all-clear to carry on normal operations, lifting the threat of Thorp having to shut down indefinitely after all. The Thorp site’s 1,500 workers were being told as The Whitehaven News went to press that there is no danger of any plant closures following the failure of a vital but 50-year-old piece of equipment. Evaporator B had to shut down after giving rise to an increase in radioactivity levels. But the News was told yesterday that …

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27 May 2009

New Nukes

A new generation of nuclear reactors will not be built without support from the State says EDF.

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Building 26th May 2009 more >>

The nomination of three sites for potential new nuclear power stations in Cumbria is a huge boost for the area, according to the county’s top regeneration chief.

Business Gazette 26th May 2009 more >>


Russia signed a landmark deal to …

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26 May 2009

Nuclear Subsidy

Nuclear power plants can only be built in the U.K. with government support, EDF SA’s U.K. head Vincent de Rivaz said, the FT reported. A “level playing field” has to be created to enable the nuclear industry to compete with other low-emission electricity sources such as wind power, the newspaper said, citing an interview with de Rivaz. The government has recently pledged additional subsidies for offshore wind power and support for “clean coal” power plants but has resisted providing …

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25 May 2009

Electricity Supplies

Britain’s power infrastructure is on the brink of what may be its biggest transformation. Underinvestment in the network for decades mean that a big overhaul is long overdue, but the changes are being accelerated by a string of other influences. Tough new European Union pollution rules mean that nine of Britain’s biggest coal and oil-fired power stations are due to be retired from service in 2015, while a string of other ageing nuclear stations built in the 1960s and …

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24 May 2009

British Energy

SAM Laidlaw, the boss of Centrica, has just bought himself a slice of Britain’s nuclear future and a visit to Scotland provides an opportunity to impress the case for an energy review on Alex Salmond. Laidlaw has just acquired a 20% stake in British Energy, Britain’s nuclear operator, and has big plans to expand this side of Centrica’s operations. He’d dearly love Salmond’s government to embrace the nuclear option.

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The operators …

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23 May 2009


The Health and Safety Executive is to prosecute nuclear plant operators Sellafield Ltd after two contractors were exposed to radioactive contamination. The criminal proceedings follow an HSE investigation into the July 2007 incident, in which the workers were exposed during the decontamination of an area of concrete floor at the Cumbrian plant. It is alleged that Sellafield failed to discharge its duty under Section 3 of the Health & Safety at Work Act. The initial court date has been fixed …

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22 May 2009

British Energy

Centrica’s plan to buy a 20 per cent stake in Britain’s nuclear industry from EDF, the European energy giant, raises monopoly concerns and should be referred to competition authorities, the head of Britain’s second-largest utility said yesterday. Ian Marchant, chief executive of Scottish and Southern Energy, said that the proposal from Centrica, the British Gas owner, to form a joint venture with EDF, the new owner of British Energy, raised serious concerns about the health of the UK’s wholesale …

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