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31 January 2009

New Nukes

As France presses ahead with building more next-generation nuclear reactors, new evidence emerged Friday to suggest that industry and governments may be unprepared to handle the increasingly toxic waste that will result. an anti-nuclear group said that information it gleaned from industry reports – publicly available but which have received little attention so far – show that waste from the EPR will be more radioactive by a factor of seven because more uranium is burned up. That will make it more expensive to handle and store safely, according to Greenpeace, which provided the details on Friday to the International Herald Tribune.

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French energy giant EDF has already announced it wants to build four new plants here. And German power groups want to invest £20bn building four of their own. Meanwhile, in America, where no new plant has been built for 30 years, nuclear could make a grand return. Indeed, there are 17 applicants seeking approval to build 26 nuclear plants in America.

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However, whereas I believe firmly that the Government is totally wrong on both Stansted and Heathrow, they are on the side of the angels when it comes to nuclear power stations. Sizewell in Suffolk and Bradwell in Essex should get new reactors – they’re in the right place and are supported by their relevant local MPs John Gummer (Suffolk Coastal) and John Whittingdale (Maldon & Chelmsford East).

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Professor Blowers says the criteria amount to nothing less than a means of trying to justify putting a new generation of mega power stations and spent fuel waste stores on existing coastal sites most of which are likely to become submerged during the next century under the impact of sea level rise and storm surges. His paper, published in the TCPA’s distinguished monthly Journal, Town & Country Planning, is available here.

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A radioactive leak in a pipe connected to the decrepit Magnox reprocessing facility at Britain’s Sellafield site, officials said, in what was rated on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES) as a 1 – or an “anomaly” on of the scale’s seven point system. To qualify as an accident, the leak would have had to weigh in at a four. Seven on the INES scale is considered a “major accident.” The anomaly, however, is “very worrisome,” said Nils B hmer, Bellona’s nuclear Physicist. The leak sprang from a pipe connected to a ventilation canal that transports waste products from the aged Magnox reprocessing facility. According to Sellafield’s owners, no personnel came into contact with the radiation. There is no evidence to suggest that there is any contamination outside the Sellafield site as a result of this incident. After the leak was discovered, the surrounding area was evacuated of personnel. Workers ran across the leak during routine work procedures at the Magnox facility.

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Because the future is nuclear, it is only right that Gordon should take a personal interest in the way our installations operate. And thus he went to Sellafield last week. So far, so good. There was, we now learn, a little local difficulty on the day the PM came to call: a radioactive leak that meant a walkway had to be cordoned off and a building closed. The whole thing is now the subject of a board of inquiry but it didn’t spoil his trip. These things happen. We must look forward.

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Norwegian environmental lobby groups and lawmakers are expressing growing disquiet about plans by the British authorities to build several new nuclear power stations – including one at the controversial Sellafield site. They say they will press the Norwegian government to raise the issue with the UK government, according to Norwegian newspaper reports. The UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority on Friday announced it was expecting to choose four sites as suitable for consideration under the UK government’s Strategic Siting Assessment programme. The process is being used to assess the suitability of certain locations for new nuclear reactors.

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More workers could walk out next week in sympathy, including hundreds of contractors at Sellafield, the country’s biggest nuclear power plant. 900 contractors at Sellafield plan to meet before work on Monday to discuss taking industrial action in support of Lindsey workers. The firms said it was confident a walkout “would have no impact on safety, security or production.”

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A top scientist has used Ribena to demonstrate how nuclear waste was dealt with at a power station. A court has heard how there was an alleged leak of nuclear waste from a site at Bradwell power station for 14 years before the problem was discovered. The owners of the former power station face a total of 11 charges, brought under the 1993 Radioactive Substances Act, of unlawfully allowing waste to leak from a decontamination unit.

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A POWER station reactor is back on line after a brief shutdown earlier this week. Reactor One at Hartlepool Power Station was taken out of action at 6pm on Tuesday. But the problem was not believed to be related to the reactor itself. The Mail understands that work was being carried out on conventional equipment within the station and the 605-megawatt unit was brought back on line early yesterday. The unit had spent 15 months out of action.

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As a result of their ideological opposition to nuclear power, the Nationalists have had to turn to continuing coal power for a base supply. But this has left the SNP increasingly facing questions over the fact that coal power stations pump huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere and are not the best way to tackle climate change.

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Nasa scientist Dr James Hansen called for Alex Salmond to abandon any plans to allow new coal-fired power stations to be built in Scotland. He urged that any such stations should be built only if they were fitted with technology – which does not yet exist – to capture and store carbon dioxide, the dangerous greenhouse gas. The Scottish Government has said it is intending to allow new fossil-fuel power stations, as long as they are “ready” to add the technology at a later date.

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Nuclear Waste

REGULAR loads of nuclear waste are travelling along Cheshire roads, it has been revealed. Emergency services went on full alert after a trailer carrying a load of low-level waste from Sellafield Ltd’s Capenhurst decommissioning site to its repository at Drigg in Cumbria became unhitched from the HGV tractor towing it near the junction of the A41 and the A5117 at Great Sutton.

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The Ministry of Defence has criticised the monitoring of radiation hotspots on a Fife beach, carried out by environment watchdog Sepa. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency said 39 radioactive items were detected in September at Dalgety Bay. Radium from wartime aircraft is thought to have been in landfill used when the foreshore was reclaimed. The MoD said aspects of Sepa’s research seemed to be based on “assumptions rather than actual evidence”. Dalgety Bay was the site of a World War II airfield, where many aircraft were dismantled.

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Emergency Planning

EMERGENCY services will be on high alert as Moreton-in-Marsh prepares to become a scene of nuclear devastation next week. The Fire Service College is hosting Exercise Senator to test the Ministry of Defence and civil emergency response to a simulated crash of an RAF VC10 aircraft carrying special nuclear material used in defence programmes. The initiative is planned for Wednesday, but residents have been reassured no radioactive contaminants will be used.

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The EU Energy Commissioner, Andris Piebalgs, said negative public opinion limited the use of nuclear energy in Europe, but said he would push it as far as he could.

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Greenpeace condemns the announcement made by French President Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday evening that a new European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) is to be built in Penly, France. It is Greenpeace’s belief that building yet another reactor is entirely illegitimate and dangerous.

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The only company bidding, to build Turkey’s first nuclear reactor, the Russian-Turkish JSC Atomstroyexport-JSC Inter Rao Ues-Park Teknik joint venture, offered a price of 21.16 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). Current electricity prices in the country vary between 4 cents and 14 cents per kWh.

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To see Iran’s foreign minister participating on various panels at Davos you would almost think that he represented a normal country, not a pariah state whose nuclear ambitions are scaring the wits out of the rest of the world.

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India is to open its nuclear sites to UN inspectors in advance of the lifting of a 34-year embargo on atomic trade with New Delhi.

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30 January 2009

New Nukes

De Rivaz, boss of the French nuclear group EDF, has already charmed ministers into allowing him to buy the crown jewels of our nuclear generating industry, British Energy, for £12.5bn. But he knows that the public will be harder to convince, made sceptical by years of blunders, delays and billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money spent on dysfunctional projects. His task also comes as the political climate hardens against large infrastructure schemes – such as Heathrow expansion.

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Drivers Jonas has finished work advising the government on how to make its draft nuclear national policy statement (NPS) watertight. The consultancy carried out the two-month commission for the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) with engineering firm Arup. “We were commissioned to ensure that the policy will stand up.

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Nuclear Inspectors

The HSE’s Nuclear Directorate is to undergo a major restructure to help it respond to a number of challenges, especially difficulties in recruiting inspectors. The Government has recognised that the success of its nuclear-build programme and corresponding decommissioning work will be put at risk unless it addresses the skills shortage in the industry and restructures the Nuclear Directorate. Issuing its response on 27 January to a review by Dr Tim Stone on the nuclear regulatory regime, the Government said that agreement for the restructure, through legislation, has now been reached. This will lead to the creation of an autonomous body that would remain within the auspices of the HSE, but with greater flexibility to respond to specific challenges.

Safety and Health Practitioner 30th Jan 2009 more >>

Nuclear Waste

ALLERDALE council will express an interest in hosting a new nuclear waste dump, members agreed on Wednesday. The full council ratified a recommendation from its executive committee to express a without-commitment interest in Government plans for a high-level nuclear waste repository.

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MORE than £2 billion could be pumped into the West Cumbrian economy and 10,000 jobs created if Government-backed plans for a new atomic reactor at Sellafield go ahead.

West Cumberland Times and Star 29th Jan 2009 more >>


Sizewell B nuclear power station shut down at around 1300 GMT on Thursday, a spokeswoman for the company said. “It was an unplanned trip,”

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A Lancashire power plant is well down the list of sites proposed for a new nuclear power station. Heysham Power Station owner British Energy said it would be looking at putting its southern-based sites forward first when the Government’s Department for Energy and Climate Change invites companies to submit potential sites for new nuclear power facilities this week.

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French nuclear engineering company Areva said Thursday that sales rose 10.4 percent last year as its uranium mining and reactor construction businesses benefited from increasing demand for nuclear power.

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“THIS is not the way you behave in business normally you send signals,” spluttered a French nuclear executive this week at the news that Siemens, Germany’s engineering giant, would divest the 34% stake it has held since 2001 in Areva NP, a Franco-German joint venture in nuclear reactors. Until this week Areva NP was an example of a successful partnership between French and German companies in a promising industry. Nuclear power is in the midst of a global comeback, and Areva NP’s new design, the European Pressurised Reactor (EPR), is leading the field against competing blueprints from American and Japanese rivals. Being a minority shareholder, the German firm complained, “considerably limits the entrepreneurial manoeuverability of Siemens within the joint venture.”

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MoX Shipment

Companies have confirmed that a shipment of mixed oxide (MOX) nuclear fuel from Europe to Japan is being prepared, although the exact departure date has not yet been announced.

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Damages claimed from Areva and Siemens as building work runs three years late at Europe’s first new reactor for a decade. Finnish nuclear company EVO is claiming 2.4bn in damages from Siemens and Areva for delays in the construction of the Olkiluoto nuclear reactor. Europe’s first nuclear power station for a decade is due for completion in 2012, three years behind schedule.

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Leading French utilities EDF and GDF Suez are to be involved in the construction of a new French EPR nuclear facility, President Nicolas Sarkozy’s office said on Thursday. The President’s Elysee office said in a statement that the new site would be located at Penly, northern France. State-owned EDF, which is France’s main electricity provider, is already in the midst of building an EPR plant near Flamanville in northern France. The Flamanville EPR is due to cost 4 billion euros ($5.2 billion), more than an initial expected cost of 3.3 billion. French state-owned nuclear group Areva is also

facing cost overruns on an EPR plant that Areva is building in Finland.

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Test Veterans

Lawyers for the MoD have told the High Court that there is no solid medical evidence to link the illnesses to the tests. Charles Gibson QC said the veterans’ claims were an “attack” on the distinguished scientists and public servants who organised the tests. “We submit the evidence they have deployed in support of the individual cases doesn’t come remotely close to proving causation,” he said.

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Preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon is a more pressing challenge than solving the economic crisis, Benjamin Netanyahu (the frontrunner to become the next Israeli PM) has said.

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Real change in Washington’s policy in the Middle East would enable Iran to have a “co-operative” attitude towards the US, Iran’s foreign minister says.

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For decades, India’s nuclear establishment worked in almost total isolation, the result of US-led international sanctions intended to punish the country for refusing to relinquish its nuclear weapons programme. Barred from obtaining nuclear fuel or technology from abroad, the state-owned Nuclear Power Corporation of India, working with private firms, installed a mere 4,000 megawatts of nuclear power capacity, with another 2,600MW under construction. But when New Delhi was finally accepted last year as a de facto member of the global nuclear club – as part of a deal with the US – India became an accepted partner for the international civil nuclear trade. Since then, western energy companies have been beating a path to New Delhi. Yet even as they tout their wares, New Delhi is still grappling with sensitive questions of how much foreign involvement to permit.

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Carbon Trading

The row over the working of the European Union’s emissions trading scheme intensified last night when EDF Energy warned that speculators risked turning carbon into a new category of sub-prime investment. Vincent de Rivaz, the chief executive of the UK arm of the French-owned gas and electricity group, said politicians and regulators needed to revisit the way the ETS was working and whether it was bringing the results they wanted. “We like certainty about a carbon price,” he said. “[But] the carbon price has to become simple and not become a new type of sub-prime tool which will be diverted from what is its initial purpose: to encourage real investment in real low-carbon technology.”

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An experimental fusion reactor that will recreate the conditions at the heart of the sun to create cheap green power could cost twice as much as governments had planned for, the Guardian has learned. The flagship project, which absorbs almost half of Britain’s energy research budget, will test complex machinery needed to make the world’s first operational fusion power plants – a technology widely expected to transform energy generation by providing abundant power with no greenhouse gas emissions and only small amounts of radioactive waste.

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Technicians aboard the new £1.2bn first of class submarine Astute moored in Devonshire Dock are to switch on its nuclear reactor either next month or in early March. It will be the first such switch-on since the reactors of the Trident missile submarine HMS Vengeance were switched on back in 1999.

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29 January 2009

New Nukes

Letter from David Lowry: The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is a national organisation established with a primary mission to clean up safely and securely our radioactive waste legacy, and to oversee the dismantlement of redundant nuclear facilities, and more recently has been given by ministers the extra strategic mission to find an enduring and sustainable solution for the stewardship of the nation’s radioactive waste burden. However, the NDA has no statutory role in any nuclear new-build. Moreover, I have been told personally by senior NDA executives over several years, and NDA spokespeople have said at numerous stakeholder meetings, the NDA is not in the new nuclear-build business. So how can the NDA explain how this announcement is compatible with these earlier assurances as to NDA policy?

Whitehaven News 28th Jan 2009 more >>

EDF Energy has welcomed the announcement by the UK government on the progress it is making on the development of the framework for investment in nuclear new build. EDF Energy said that it will ensure all the potential new build sites it owns in England and Wales are nominated to the government’s Strategic Siting Assessment (SSA) process.

Datamonitor 28th Jan 2009 more >>

Energy firms have been given two months to nominate sites for the next wave of nuclear power stations. The government called for location suggestions yesterday as it published the criteria for site selection, which suggests only sites at existing nuclear facilities will make it through. New plants must not be built near highly populated areas or certain types of military activity, it says. The deadline for nominations is 31 March, after which the public will have a chance to comment on the names.

Building 28th Jan 2009 more >>

Climate Change Corporation 28th Jan 2009 more >>

Revised criteria unveiled at the launch of the two month process to award the contracts saw a lifting of an outright ban on siting new nuclear power stations in areas susceptible to earthquakes. Instead, the likelihood of an earthquake in a nuclear region will be assessed by local planners. In addition, a high risk of flood, damage to an environmental protection area and potential threat of coastal erosion may be overlooked if measures will be taken to make good or minimise the problem.

Telegraph 28th Jan 2009 more >>

Letter: The horrendous costs of constructing nuclear plants, and the even more horrendous costs of decommissioning when they have done their time, come nowhere near the category of providing cheap electricity. Such paraphernalia just to boil water to make steam to turn turbines – surely we can do much better. Nuclear plants are also unreliable and dangerous. They are targets for terrorists and leave a legacy of contaminated land for future generations.

Scotsman 29th Jan 2009 more >>

Wigan-based land development and investment company Ainscough Johnston Ltd has made an unconditional bid for a portfolio of land being sold by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. Ainscough Johnston has been selected to progress to the next stage of the auction process alongside a number of national and international energy providers. If successful, the firm will enter into a joint venture with an energy company to deliver nuclear facilities or other energy uses on the sites. The outcome of the auction is expected to be announced by March 2009.

Crain’s Manchester Business 28th Jan 2009 more >>


EDF Energy has confirmed it will nominate Sizewell as a site where it wants to build two new nuclear reactors.

East Anglian Daily Times 28th Jan 2009 more >>

Nuclear Costs

The implications of Finland’s ordeal reach far beyond its borders. After three decades of struggling to gain traction through an aggressive lobbying and PR campaign, the nuclear power industry is on the verge of global resurgence. More than 100 new nuclear plants are being built or planned around the world. In the United States, there are thirty-five reactors on the drawing board. “We concentrated so much on nuclear that we lost sight of everything else,” says Oras Tynkynnen, a climate policy adviser in the Finnish prime minister’s office. “And nuclear has failed to deliver. It has turned out to be a costly gamble for Finland, and for the planet.”

Washington Monthly Jan/Feb 2009 more >>

The Department of Energy is still weighing UniStar’s loan guarantee applications, but if all goes as planned, the firm’s corporate parents will have little or nothing at stake, while taxpayers are on the hook for tens of billions of dollars. And UniStar is not alone in its ambitions. Most, if not all, of the seventeen companies with applications for new reactors before the NRC are counting on federal loan guarantees an unsettling scenario given that the Congressional Budget Office has found the risk of default on guaranteed loans for reactors to be “very high well above 50 percent.”

Washington Monthly Jan/Feb 2008 more >>

MoX Shipment

A transport of MOX fuel from Europe to Japan is now under preparation. In agreement with the Governments of the three involved countries of Japan, France and the United Kingdom, and for obvious security reasons, the communication related to this MOX transport operation will be carried out by three industrial Companies of Japan (Chubu Electric Power Company, Shikoku Electric Power Company and Kyushu Electric Power Company), by AREVA in France and by the NDA in the United Kingdom.

Areva Press Release 28th Jan 2009 more >>


British Energy’s Hartlepool 1 nuclear power reactor had still not restarted by 1720 GMT on Wednesday, a company spokeswoman said.

Reuters 28th Jan 2009 more >>


Norwegian TV has reported that there was a radioactive leak from a ventilation pipe in the old (Magnox) part of Sellafield last Friday, and that it took 5 days before Norway was informed by the UK. The Environment minister has called for an immediate shutdown of the Sellafield operations.

Norwegian TV news 28th Jan 2009 more >>

AN investigation is under way at Sellafield into a radioactive leak. A walkway has been cordoned off to prevent access to a contaminated area following the spillage of radioactive water vapour or condensate. The leak came from a pipe line connected to an overhead ventilation duct carrying liquid from the Magnox reprocessing plant for treatment before aerial discharge. Operators Sellafield Ltd said there was a steady drip of the condensate which was found to be contaminated with radioactive materials. None of it came into contact with workers but a new plant under construction (sludge packaging) had to be closed.

Whitehaven News 28th Jan 2009 more >>

A trailer carrying low-level nuclear waste bound for Sellafield in Cumbria has caused an emergency alert. Due to a mechanical failure, the trailer became unhitched on the A41 near Chester after leaving the Capenhurst British Nuclear Group plant. Police said the load had not been damaged and the incident was dealt with safely, causing no danger.

Pendle Today 28th Jan 2009 more >>

Chester Evening Leader 28th Jan 2009 more >>

TENANT dairy farmers will be in line for compensation if they have to pack up and make way for a £2 billion nuclear power station at Sellafield.

Whitehaven News 28th Jan 2009 more >>

MANY of the 10,000 jobs which a new electricity-producing nuclear power station can bring to Sellafield must go to locals, says Copeland’s MP Jamie Reed.

Whitehaven News 28th Jan 2009 more >>

SELLAFIELD has a surprise new top boss with much-travelled Bill Poulson suddenly taking over from fellow American Bob Pedde.

Whitehaven News 28th Jan 2009 more >>

WORKING practices at Sellafield are to be put under the microscope. Experts are being called in from Nuclear Management Partners’ consortium companies in the US and France, as well as the UK, to scrutinise and assess methods being used across six core areas of the huge site over the next three months.

Whitehaven News 28th Jan 2009 more >>

Nuclear Waste

Texas-based boffins say they have figured out a cunning new method of dealing with America’s nuclear waste, using fusion technology – which at the moment can’t produce power – to turn 99 per cent of fission reactors’ waste into useful energy.

The Register 28th Jan 2009 more >>


THE head of the United Nations nuclear agency has cancelled interviews with the BBC over its refusal to air an appeal for the victims of the Gaza conflict. Mohamed ElBaradei, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, pulled the plug on scheduled interviews with BBC radio and World Service television. The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said the BBC’s decision violated “basic human decency”.

Scotsman 29th Jan 2009 more >>


Of Europe’s large industrialised countries, Italy has to fight the toughest battles to secure its energy supplies. For many years hopes have been pinned on gas – but now nuclear is back in the picture.

Petroleum Economist Feb 2009 more >>


President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad yesterday called on the new US administration to apologise for what he called the “crimes they committed against the Iranian nation” if it truly sought a change in relations. His comments came just a day after the Arab television channel al-Arabiya broadcast an interview with Barack Obama in which the US president said Washington needed to be willing to talk to Tehran and explore “potential avenues for progress”.

FT 29th Jan 2009 more >>

Nuclear Weapons

Russia today announced it was abandoning plans to deploy nuclear-capable Iskander missiles in its European Kaliningrad outpost – a sign that Moscow wants improved relations with the new US administration.

Guardian 28th Jan 2009 more >>

Independent 29th Jan 2009 more >>


The government must boost subsidies for renewable energy projects urgently to have any chance of meeting its 2020 targets, the chief executive of Centrica, owner of British Gas, has warned. In an interview with the Guardian, the chief executive, Sam Laidlaw, said that the UK faces a energy crunch in as little as two years because companies are shelving their investment plans. The cut-backs by firms, Laidlaw said, would lead to much higher electricity and gas prices and threaten security of energy supply. He believed the UK could struggle to cope unless the government soon put together a financial support package for new power plants, particularly for offshore wind farms.

Guardian 29th Jan 2009 more >>

Lord Turner of Ecchinswell is to investigate the collapse of funding for renewable energy projects in Britain after the recent exit of a string of companies, including BP and Shell.

Times 29th Jan 2009 more >>

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28 January 2009

Strategic Siting Assessment

One year on from White Paper: New nuclear is on track The nuclear industry has two months from today to nominate sites for the first wave of new nuclear power stations in the UK, the Government announced today. The call for nominations came alongside publication of the criteria against which potential sites will be assessed. The criteria include conditions that new sites should not be near major population centres or certain types of military activity. The industry has indicated that the most suitable sites for new build are in the vicinity of existing nuclear power stations.

DECC Press Release 27th Jan 2009 more >>

EdF press release welcoming the paper and announcing its intention to nominate the following sites: Hinkley Point in Somerset; Sizewell in Suffolk; Heysham in Lancashire; Hartlepool on Teesside; Dungeness in Kent; In addition, EDF Energy owns land at Bradwell in Essex and at Wylfa on Anglesey which the NDA has said it will nominate.

EDF Press Release 27th Jan 2009 more >>

Budding nuclear power plant builders have two months to nominate sites for the next generation of nuclear power stations in Britain, the government said on Tuesday. Europe’s biggest utilities, which have been clubbing together this month in readiness to build the nuclear power plants Britain hopes will replace an ageing fleet of state built reactors, have until March 31 to submit their site proposals.

Reuters 27th Jan 2009 more >>

Construction News 27th Jan 2009 more >>

Builder and Engineer 27th Jan 2009 more >>

An outright ban on locating new nuclear power stations in areas of the UK which are susceptible to earthquakes has been lifted by the government. The move was the only major change to the siting criteria, which also include restrictions on proximity to towns and certain military facilities. Ministers said the UK’s earthquake risk was “modest” and power stations could be built to withstand any activity.

BBC 27th Jan 2009 more >>

Government criteria confirm that old nuclear sites most likely to get the nod for new reactor projects.

Business Green 27th Jan 2009 more >>

The government has announced the criteria to assess potential sites for the first wave of new nuclear power stations in the UK.

Planning Resource 27th Jan 2009 more >>

The Prime Minister has welcomed the confirmation of potential locations for new nuclear power stations while on a visit to Sellafield. Mr Brown’s visit followed an announcement by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) that they expect to nominate Sellafield, Wylfa, Oldbury and Bradwell as appropriate sites for future power stations.

eGov Monitor 27th Jan 2009 more >>

New Nukes

French energy firm Areva is looking for UK suppliers to help build a raft of new nuclear power stations. The company, which formed a nuclear alliance with Balfour Beatty in December, has set up a website for UK-based equipment and engineering firms to register interest. It will also hold a UK suppliers’ day on 16 March. The firm said it expects its EPR reactor to be used in a “significant proportion” of the new wave of nuclear power stations. The government wants at least eight plants up and running within the next 15 years.

Builder 27th Jan 2009 more >>


Hochtief is in pole position to deliver Iberdrola’s nuclear power stations. Iberdrola has an indirect stake in Hochtief via its major Spanish shareholder ACS.

Contract Journal 27th Jan 2009 more >>

Siemens is to sell its stake in nuclear joint venture Areva NP because it has been unable to exercise “entrepreneurial influence” within the partnership, the German company said Monday.

Platts 27th Jan 2009 more >>


A Lancashire power station is in the running to be one of the sites for a next generation of nuclear reactors, it has been confirmed. French firm EDF Energy has said the facility at Heysham, near Morecambe, will be one of five it will nominate in the country as potential sites for new build power stations.

Lancashire Evening Post 27th Jan 2009 more >>


BRITISH Energy is expected to announce today that it officially hopes to build a nuclear power station in the North-East. Following a meeting between Government and the Nuclear Development Forum this morning, British Energy, backed by its parent company EDF Energy, will nominate its five sites in England and Wales for new builds, including a plant in Hartlepool. However, the North-East site is not expected to be included in its first phase, so will not become a reality for more than ten years.

Northern Echo 27th Jan 2009 more >>

British Energy’s Hartlepool 1 nuclear power reactor was stopped again on Tuesday for more work just two days after restarting from a 14-month boiler repair outage, a spokesman for the company said.

Reuters 27th Jan 2009 more >>

Nuclear Spin

There are always casualties in the continual low-grade war being fought between corporations and their critics, and the web is now a favourite battleground. Two weeks ago, aviation protest group Plane Stupid had its site summarily taken down after someone ratted to its server that it might be libelling the aviation industry. Now, a site that investigates the push for new nuclear power stations, has been subject to a sophisticated, sustained hacking attack. “It’s clear the hacker went to considerable time and effort to find and exploit a weakness in the software,” says Andy Rowell, one of site’s editors. “Perhaps whoever was behind it doesn’t like people examining the ethics, economics and greenwashing of the nuclear industry.” Both sites have now been restored.

Guardian 28th Jan 2009 more >>


Mohamed ElBaradei, the head of the UN’s nuclear watchdog and a Nobel peace prize winner, has cancelled planned interviews with the BBC in protest at the corporation’s decision not to air a humanitarian appeal for Gaza. In a statement issued to the Guardian, ElBaradei unleashed a stinging denunciation of the BBC that deepens the damage already inflicted by the Gaza row. The statement from his office at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said the BBC management decision not to air the aid appeal for victims of the fighting “violates the rules of basic human decency which are there to help vulnerable people irrespective of who is right or wrong”.

Guardian 28th Jan 2009 more >>


The International Institute for Strategic Studies has said Iran is months away from crossing a vital threshold which could put it on course to build a weapon. Mark Fitzpatrick, the senior fellow for non-proliferation at the IISS, said: “This year, it’s very likely that Iran will have produced enough low-enriched uranium which, if further enriched, could constitute enough fissile material for one nuclear weapon, if that is the route Iran so desires.”

Telegraph 28th Jan 2009 more >>

US President Barack Obama has offered to engage with Iran if its leaders “unclenched their fist” as his new UN ambassador pledged “direct” nuclear diplomacy with the Islamist republic as long as Tehran halts uranium enrichment.

Yahoo 27th Jan 2009 more >>


Britain’s biggest polluting companies are abusing a European emissions trading scheme (ETS) designed to tackle global warming by cashing in their carbon credits in order to bolster ailing balance sheets .

Guardian 28th Jan 2009 more >>

Bryony Worthington: What should have been a way to kick start investment in much-needed low-carbon, efficient technologies is now a cash redistribution exercise. Power companies are buying spare permits from heavy industry, and we, the electricity bill payers, are footing the cost. And the additional environmental effect of the scheme is reduced to almost nothing.

Guardian 28th Jan 2009 more >>

Companies are selling their permits in large numbers. Many large companies are seeing their output fall rapidly in the economic downturn which means they do not need to pollute as much. As the permits were mostly given out free, their sale allows firms to cash in while making few environmental sacrifices.

Guardian 28th Jan 2009 more >>


The European Commission is boosting its nuclear fusion research project by allowing scientists to access Europe’s consortium of supercomputing centres, and connecting them together to form a giant supercomputer network.

Vnunet 27th Jan 2009 more >>

Nuclear Weapons

Will the new administration in Washington DC usher in a new era when it comes to nuclear weapons? CND’s Kate Hudson on some of the positive signs emanating from Obama.

New Statesman 27th Jan 2009 more >>

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27 January 2009

New Nukes

As the Government publish their final criteria for the Strategic Siting Assessment (SSA) for new nuclear power plants today, the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) have published an expert paper by Professor Andrew Blowers OBE on this process. Professor Blowers claims that power, profit and pragmatism are dictating the siting criteria and a return to the ‘decide-announce-defend’ approach to decision-making.

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Government agencies have asked private equity firms to help with decommissioning the UK’s old nuclear power stations, it emerged yesterday. The UK Atomic Energy Authority has held exploratory talks with the controversial sector, while the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NII) used a conference in London yesterday to call for “innovative” ways of raising money. Its chief inspector said private equity might be one solution. The moves come amid widespread concern that a shortage of public money and the soaring cost of dismantling sites could delay vital safety projects and push up costs.

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Siemens says it will intensively seek a nuclear partner over coming months.

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Siemens AG will exit the nuclear venture Areva NP and plans to sell its 34-percent stake to majority holder Areva S.A. it said late on Monday, ahead of its annual shareholder meeting on Tuesday. Siemens and Atomenergoprom, which manages Russia’s civilian nuclear industry assets, declined to comment earlier in the day and Siemens also made no reference to such plans in its statement late on Monday.

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Unlike his predecessors, who championed forging closer industrial links with Germany, Mr Sarkozy seems to have long concluded the best way forward was for France to go it alone – especially in defence and nuclear energy. Now it is the turn of Siemens to pull out of two decades of strenuous but ultimately unsatisfactory efforts to cooperate with the French nuclear industry. The German group has decided to sell its 34 per cent stake in the joint engineering venture it had established with Areva, the French state-owned nuclear group. In so doing, it has cleared the way for Mr Sarkozy’s longcherished plan to bring closer together Areva and Alstom, the French heavy engineering conglomerate he helped rescue a few years ago, to create a dominant nuclear energy group.

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Iberdrola and SSE have teamed up to build an undisclosed number of new nuclear reactors.

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In recent weeks all the big six utilities have formed consortiums as they prepare to build what would be the world’s first new generation of nuclear reactors, outside France, in decades. The industry’s interest has been spurred largely by a concerted government effort to remove many of the obstacles that had for so long held back development here. “We are not about subsidising new nuclear, but we are about breaking down the barriers,” said Miliband, referring to the recently passed energy and planning bills. “When you see the companies that are coming forward, there is a pretty clear enthusiasm that new nukes make economic sense for them.”

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Wylfa named as potential nuclear site.

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PRIME minister Gordon Brown has backed Anglesey to get a new nuclear power station – moving the island a step closer to a 10,000 jobs boom. Development of a replacement “Wylfa B” would bring 1,000 permanent skilled jobs and 9,000 jobs would be created during the construction of the new plant.

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Nuclear Tests

ONE of 1,000 nuclear test veterans at the centre of an ongoing High Court bid for compensation has told of the full horror of the explosions they witnessed.

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Obama ordered the environmental protection agency (EPA) to reconsider its refusal to allow California and more than a dozen other states to impose stricter controls on emissions from new cars and trucks. He followed up by raising fuel efficiency standards on all cars and light trucks rolling off the assembly line from 2011 onwards.

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26 January 2009

New Nukes

THE chances of a new nuclear power station being built at Sellafield have increased. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, NDA which owns land around the Sellafield complex has given the green light for another station to be built. Although no firm plans are in place, Prime Minister Gordon Brown welcomed the proposals on a visit to the site last week.

Newcastle Sunday Sun 25th Jan 2009 more >>

Nuclear Costs

Newly approved reactor designs could reduce global warming and fossil-fuel dependence, but utilities are grappling with whether better nukes make market sense, by Matthew L. Wald of the New York Times.

Scientific American, Earth 3.0 December 2008 more >>

Test Veterans

A Welsh Labour politician has added his voice for thousands of ex-servicemen involved in Britain’s nuclear tests in the 1950s to get compensation. John Smith, MP for the Vale of Glamorgan, says the government’s attitude is “a sad state of affairs.”

BBC 26th Jan 2009 more >>

The chief scientist at Britain’s controversial nuclear tests FLED the danger zone… while thousands of troops were left behind to be nuked. Dr William Penney’s own RAF batman (personal assistant) says he and top military brass left the area before the biggest bomb exploded in the South Pacific because, scientists admitted, they “didn’t have a clue what would happen”.

Sunday Mirror 25th Jan 2009 more >>


For President Obama, Iran’s revolutionary regime may prove threatening. The regime’s complicity in terrorism and threatening rhetoric against Israel have been constant features of its diplomacy. In the next few years these destructive characteristics may be buttressed by an Iranian nuclear bomb, giving an Islamist regime tremendous diplomatic leverage in a volatile region.

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A new international body to promote renewable energy is to be established today, in a move that its supporters insist has the potential to replace the global dominance of conventional power with wind, solar and other sustainable sources within a matter of years. Fifty-five governments have said they will commit themselves to full membership of the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena), at its founding conference in Bonn today. A total of 116 countries will take part. The US has not joined, but is widely expected to do so under the new administration. Britain, however, has not signed up to Irena, although it is understood to be sending officials as observers.

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Energy companies should be able to tap the billions of pounds of state funding being used to bail out the banks in order to create a post-recession low-carbon economy, says the government’s climate change envoy. Elliot Morley wants the government to back clean energy projects such as offshore wind farms that cannot get funding because of the credit crunch.

Observer 25th Jan 2009 more >>

The economics of the world’s biggest offshore wind-farm project are “on a knife-edge”, the chief executive of one of the companies behind it has warned, casting doubt on the UK government’s energy strategy. Eon UK, the British arm of the German energy group, said the viability of its London Array project, a planned 1,000MW wind farm in the Thames estuary, had been called into question by the falling prices of oil, gas and carbon dioxide emissions permits.

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25 January 2009

New Nukes

Crunch talks on the UK’s nuclear rollout programme will take place on Tuesday. Ed Miliband, Energy and Climate Change Secretary, will host a conference at which it is thought he will push UK manufacturers to find ways of encouraging British engineers and designers to produce key components for nuclear stations. Under EU legislation a government cannot demand that its own companies have an involvement in such projects. The Nuclear Installations Inspectorate, part of the Health and Safety Executive, is also due to announce ideas for station design.

Independent on Sunday 25th Jan 2009 more >>


THE Scottish Government should be stripped of its powers to block new nuclear plants north of the border, according to a veteran Scots Labour MP. Brian Donohoe said Holyrood should no longer have the right to rule over planning applications for new power stations. SNP ministers have declared they will use the powers to turn down any applications for new nuclear stations in Scotland.

Scotland on Sunday 25th Jan 2009 more >>

Scotland could miss out on significant opportunities in the power sector if the government sticks to its decision not to build nuclear power stations, research suggests. A study by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) predicts that while deal activity in the power sector will prove more difficult in coming years, the revival of the global nuclear industry offers plenty of opportunities.

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Nicola Sturgeon: In A modern Scotland, the scourge of fuel poverty is an outrage. The Sunday Herald is to be congratulated for its “Power To The People” campaign. I agree that Scottish households deserve a better deal on fuel costs. As the recession takes hold and vulnerable members of society struggle to pay fuel bills, energy companies have a moral responsibility to review prices. The figures make for sobering reading: A quarter of Scottish households – more than half a million – are living in fuel poverty. Many Scots have to make stark choices between paying for essentials such as food, and heating their home.

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German engineering conglomerate Siemens plans to set up a nuclear power joint venture with Russia’s Atomenergoprom.

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A Lancashire power plant is a “potential new site” for a new nuclear power station, it has been confirmed. But Heysham Power Station owner British Energy said it would be looking at putting its southern-based sites forward first when the Government’s Department for Energy and Climate change invites companies to submit potential sites for new nuclear power facilities this week.

Lancashire Evening Post 24th Jan 2009 more >>


ANTI-NUCLEAR protesters say a council’s request for £750,000 from two energy firms to help process plans for a new power station at Hinkley Point are ‘a conflict of interest’.

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Obama’s vow to “green” the economy will be made good – the president said he would double the amount of electricity generated from alternative sources such as solar power and wind within three years. More than 2.5m homes will also be converted to cut heating bills. Obama said his scheme would spend some $600bn within 18 months and create up to 4m jobs.

Observer 25th Jan 2009 more >>

Energy Efficiency

Eco Teams, small neighbourhood action groups, have been springing up all over Britain with the aim of cutting bills while being kind to the environment. Their first step is to learn how to conserve energy, recycle, reduce waste and, in turn, save money.

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24 January 2009

New Nukes

The NDA has today announced that it expects to nominate land near Sellafield, Wylfa, Oldbury and Bradwell, for consideration under the Government’s Strategic Siting Assessment (SSA) process to identify sites suitable for nuclear new build. Whilst the NDA is not proposing to develop new nuclear plants itself and will not seek planning permission, it expects to nominate land into the SSA process in order to enhance the value of its land and in turn generate income which will help fund the decommissioning programme.

NDA 23rd Jan 2009 more >>

The Government will call for potential sites to be nominated next Tuesday, and publish the criteria it will use to assess the suitability of sites

DECC Press Release 23rd Jan 2009 more >>

More than £2 billion could be pumped into the Cumbrian economy and 10,000 jobs created as Sellafield looks set to house a new nuclear reactor. The Nuclear Decommissioning Agency confirmed today it expects to nominate Sellafield, Wylfa, Oldbury and Bradwell as potential sites for new nuclear power stations.

Whitehaven News 23rd January 2009 more >>

Three reactors could be built in the West in a new wave of nuclear power stations with Oldbury to be nominated for a plant. The South Gloucestershire site would join Hinkley in Somerset, where two reactors are being planned – although anti-nuclear campaigners yesterday vowed to fight the plans. Gordon Brown indicated his firm support for the new generation of nuclear power when he visited Sellafield, in Cumbria, where there could be two new plants.

Western Daily Press 23rd Jan 2009 more >>

The NDA plans to nominate four of its facilities as potential sites for new nuclear power stations next week.

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Gordon Brown today welcomed proposals for a new nuclear station at Sellafield as he made a visit to the site. The prime minister’s trip to the site came after the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) announced its willingness to provide land for the building of two nuclear stations on land adjacent to Sellafield

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THE way was cleared yesterday for a new nuclear power station in Cumbria. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) agreed to the use of land next to the Sellafield complex. Prime Minister Gordon Brown welcomed the proposals.

Newcastle Journal 24th Jan 2009 more >>

Sellafield Indeminity

A government decision to rush through a scheme indemnifying a US-led private consortium who took over Sellafield from any liability for a nuclear accident is to be investigated, the Speaker of the Commons, Michael Martin.

Guardian 23rd Jan 2009 more >>


Plans to build a new nuclear reactor at Oldbury moved a step closer today after it was picked as a preferred sites for the first wave of new stations. More than £2 billion could be pumped into the local economy and 10,000 jobs created if the bid is successful, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said after the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, which operates and cleans up state-owned sites, selected the South Gloucestershire location.

Bristol Evening Post 24th Jan 2009 more >>


A NEW nuclear power station could be built next to the existing Wylfa station on Anglesey, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) said last night. The NDA said it was “nominating” land near Wylfa – together with three sites in England – for consideration under the Government’s Strategic Siting Assessment process.

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LAND close to a former nuclear power station in Essex was yesterday earmarked as a potential site for a new reactor – sparking concerns from local campaigners. There will be serious opposition to any new power station on that site – it is highly dangerous and very close to the communities of West Mersea and Colchester.

East Anglian Daily Times 24th Jan 2009 more >>

Essex Chronicle 23rd Jan 2009 more >>


Siemens, Europe’s largest engineering group, plans to pull out of its nuclear joint venture with France’s Areva in yet another blow to the often strained FrancoGerman attempts to build industrial partnerships. The German conglomerate notified state-owned Areva this week of its intention to exercise its option to sell its 34 per cent stake in Areva NP, the nuclear engineering arm of the French group, people close to the situation said.

FT 24th Jan 2009 more >>

Plans for the development of new nuclear power stations in the UK are gathering pace with two Scottish utilities becoming the latest companies to join forces to participate in the programme.

Modern Power Systems 23rd Jan 2009 more >>


The clean-up of a decommissioned US nuclear weapons plant has unearthed one of the oldest known samples of man-made plutonium.

Nature 23rd Jan 2009 more >>


Russian nuclear power equipment and service provider Atomstroiexport has been awarded the contract to build Belarus’s first nuclear power station at its border with Lithuania, reported Reuters. Belarus had earlier considered bids from French company Areva and Westinghouse-Toshiba. Belorussian government officials had favored Atomstroiexport to win the tender as it was ready to proceed with the project and also provide financing, according to the news source.

Datamonitor 23rd Jan 2009 more >>


Bulgaria’s parliament gave the government a mandate on Friday to start talks with the EU Commission on the possible restart of two Soviet-era nuclear reactors. Deputies voted in favour of seeking to restart the reactors to compensate for fuel shortages caused by the loss of Russian gas supplies this month, during Moscow’s row with Ukraine over gas prices.

Interactive Investor 23rd Jan 2009 more >>


Western powers believe that Iran is running short of the raw material required to manufacture nuclear weapons, triggering an international race to prevent it from importing more, The Times has learnt. Diplomatic sources believe that Iran’s stockpile of yellow cake uranium, produced from uranium ore, is close to running out and could be exhausted within months. Countries including Britain, the US, France and Germany have started intensive diplomatic efforts to dissuade major uranium producers from selling to Iran.

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23 January 2009


German industrial group Siemens AG intends to shed its 34 percent stake in the nuclear power plant unit of France’s Areva French business daily Les Echos reported on Friday.

Reuters 23rd Jan 2009 more >>

Nuclear Proliferation

A SWISS man suspected of being involved in the world’s biggest nuclear smuggling ring claims he supplied the CIA with information that led to the break-up of the black market nuclear network led by Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan.

Herald 23rd Jan 2009 more >>

Barack Obama says he wants a world free of nuclear weapons and is promising new efforts to curb proliferation and secure existing nuclear stockpiles. But his plans, set out during the campaign and reiterated by the White House yesterday, are not as radical as they might appear at first glance. Obama’s ban-the-bomb policy is a long-term aspiration, not a specific goal that he expects to achieve while in office. Similarly, his pledge to strengthen the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty (NPT), which is due for review next year, is an aim that all governments subscribe to in theory and do little about in practice. The president is proposing tougher NPT rules, suggesting this might help rein in nuclear programmes in Iran and North Korea. But like his predecessors, his policy statements have so far made no mention of Israel’s nuclear arsenal, which remains beyond all international scrutiny.

Guardian 22nd Jan 2009 more >>


Health experts will be invited to South Gloucestershire answer fears that cancer cases could be linked to Oldbury nuclear power station. Oldbury site director Joe Lamonby refuted the claims, made at a community event in Tortworth, saying there was no evidence of more cases of the disease in the area. He said studies making such allegations had not come from reputable sources and there was no reason to believe there was any increased level of cancer in areas surrounding the station, which is near Thornbury. John Grey, who has an organic farm close to the complex in Shepperdine, told the meeting he was worried that cases of the disease in areas such as nearby Hill could be linked to the nuclear plant.

Bristol Evening Post 22nd Jan 2009 more >>

Energy Supplies

Letter from Doosan Babcock: To secure the UK’s energy supply, it is crucial that clean-coal power stations, ready for the new generation of carbon-capture technologies, and nuclear power stations are built before it is too late. There is a generation shortage looming because existing coal and nuclear stations are to close over the next few years. If something is not done soon, we will risk power cuts in the UK by 2012-13.

Independent 23rd Jan 2009 more >>


While meeting workers at Sellafield today (22nd January), Derek Simpson, the joint leader of Unite, will urge the Government to push ahead with the nuclear rebuild programme to reduce Britain’s household bills, create jobs and end our reliance on oil and gas from countries like Russia.

Unite 22nd Jan 2009 more >>

SELLAFIELD has a surprise new top boss with much-travelled Bill Poulson suddenly taking over from fellow American Bob Pedde.

Whitehaven News, 15:47, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 more >>

A WEST Cumbrian nuclear company has clinched an £80million contract, securing the future of more than 100 jobs. Doosan Babcock Energy, based at Westlakes Science Park near Whitehaven, will design and build the Separation Area Ventilation (SAV) project at Sellafield under the deal. The scheme is a key part of the decommissioning of historic areas of the site. The contract is the first significant win by the company since it established a permanent base in west Cumbria.

Whitehaven News, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 more >>


MANCHESTER’S Museum of Science & Industry was the impressive venue for the launch of the NDA’s National Skills & Capability Strategy.

Whitehaven News, 21 January 2009 more >>

IN 2008 the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority began recruiting for its ‘nucleargraduate’ scheme, a landmark programme based around four six-month secondments.

Whitehaven News, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 more >>

Radioactive Waste

RADIOACTIVE waste from the UK’s only low-level site, near Drigg, is adding up to more money for Copeland. Another £30,000 a year is to flow into the district, directly from the operation of the low-level repository in addition to the annual £1.5 million under an agreement with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

Whitehaven News, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 more >>


Letter from Marianne Birkby: Copeland Councillor Elaine Woodburn has hit the nail on the head when speaking of the ambitions of the nuclear industry. We have the nuclear industry to thank for the ‘new planning regime’ which aims to sweep aside democracy and any hard won safeguards along with it. This is a result of successful lobbying by the nuclear industry and will have an impact in Cumbria far exceeding the dismal prospect of new homes built on flood plains. The Planning Bill came about primarily as a ruthless weapon to force through new nuclear build.

Whitehaven News letters, Tuesday, 20 January 2009 more >>

Nuclear Tests

SERVICEMEN from Plymouth who took part in nuclear tests more than 50 years ago have welcomed a new legal bid for justice. In what has been described as one of the country’s biggest ever test case compensation claims, proceedings yesterday began at London’s High Court to sue the Ministry of Defence.

Plymouth Evening Herald 22nd Jan 2009 more >>

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 22nd Jan 2009 more >>

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22 January 2009


Iberdrola and Scottish and Southern Energy have announced their intention to form a joint venture to enable them to participate in the UK’s nuclear new build program.

Energy Business Review 21st Jan 2009 more >>

Business Green 21st Jan 2009 more >>

Energy Risk 21st Jan 2009 more >>

Spain on Wednesday reaffirmed its policy of not commissioning new nuclear power plants a day after its biggest utility unveiled plans to build them in Britain, while repeating pledges to boost renewables and save energy.

Reuters 21st Jan 2009 more >>

City firm CMS Cameron McKenna advised energy companies RWE and E.ON on a joint venture to build nuclear power stations in the UK. The project aims to develop 6GW of capacity.

Law Gazette 22nd Jan 2009 more >>

Construction firm Hochtief is being tipped as a likely joint contractor to work with the Eon & RWE joint venture.

Contract Journal 21st Jan 2009 more >>


ANTI-NUCLEAR protesters say a council’s request for £750,000 from two energy firms to help process plans for a new power station at Hinkley Point are ‘a conflict of interest’. Sedgemoor District Council’s director of regeneration Doug Bamsey made the request in letters to British Energy and EDF. The letter asks for £500,000 to fund a planning officer over five years to act as a key coordinator in the plans for a new Hinkley C station. It also calls for a further £200-250,000 consultancy budget, to include legal, economic or transport assessments.

Somerset County Gazette 21st Jan 2009 more >>

Energy Strategies

When you are trapped in the middle of an unprecedented storm, all efforts are focused on the short-term but essential task of simple survival. Long-term challenges, no mat ter how serious, are pushed into the background. So it is no surprise, as the world tries to come to grips with the severest financial crisis for generations, that energy security and climate change have fallen down the agenda. This is doubly true when the dramatic rise in the price of oil that helped fuel these concerns last year has collapsed as the global downturn has reduced demand.

FT 22nd Jan 2009 more >>

Nuclear Archive

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has been urged to push ahead with plans to build the UK’s first national nuclear archive in Wick. Trade unions in Caithness said they were unhappy with the apparent lack of progress of the £20m project.

BBC 21st Jan 2009 more >>

Test Veterans

An ex-soldier with cancer is backing calls by veterans of nuclear tests in the South Pacific for compensation. Barry Hands, 71, from Droitwich, Worcs, said he was ordered to stand on a beach during five nuclear explosions on Christmas Island in the 1950s.

BBC 21st Jan 2009 more >>

BBC 21st Jan 2009 more >>

Lancashire Evening Post 22nd Jan 2009 more >>

Northern Echo 21st Jan 2009 more >>

Hundreds of British veterans exposed to nuclear bomb tests 50 years ago could finally be compensated following the launch of a landmark legal case. New evidence which proves the terrible harm they suffered from radiation finally came to light in the High Court yesterday.

Daily Mail 22nd Jan 2009 more >>

Herald 22nd Jan 2009 more >>

Times 21st Jan 2009 more >>

Guardian 21st Jan 2009 more >>

Guardian 22nd Jan 2009 more >>

New scientific evidence made the link between participation in Britain’s 1950s nuclear tests and ill-health and established the case for compensation, the High Court heard today.

Metro 21st Jan 2009 more >>

Independent 21st Jan 2009 more >>


The French government is considering building two new EPR nuclear reactors instead of just one, ending rivalry for the single contract between EDF and GDF Suez newspaper Les Echos said on Thursday. The paper said President Nicolas Sarkozy will decide on the issue in a few weeks.

Reuters 22nd Jan 2009 more >>


Russian company Atomstroiexport has been selected to build the first nuclear power station in Belarus, a senior Belarus government official said on Wednesday.

Yahoo 21st Jan 2009 more >>

Soviet Satellite

RUSSIA’S military said an ageing Soviet-built nuclear-powered satellite had spewed fragments in orbit. It said the particles could be droplets of sodium-potassium coolant from the satellite’s nuclear reactor, possibly released because of a breach in a coolant tube.

Scotsman 22nd Jan 2009 more >>


Tony Blair has urged Gordon Brown and other leaders not to allow the financial crisis to get in the way of the fight against climate change. Speaking at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, the former prime minister called for a new global agreement setting tough interim targets up to 2020 to “transform” countries into low-carbon economies.

Guardian 22nd Jan 2009 more >>

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