News August 2009

31 August 2009


The full startup of the spent nuclear fuel reprocessing plant here will be postponed until December 2010 or even later due to technical problems. Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd. has decided to postpone completion of the plant’s final commissioning test, which was scheduled for August, by at least 14 months.

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The so-called “nuclear renaissance” is finding few friends among state lawmakers in the United States. The nuclear power industry has been shut out across …

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30 August 2009

New Nukes

Ed Miliband, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, is set to appoint Cambridge University Professor David MacKay as his chief scientific officer this week. The move will be a boon to the British energy sector: industry leaders from Royal Dutch Shell, EDF Energy and QinetiQ have all praised Professor MacKay’s hugely successful book, Sustainable Energy: Without the Hot Air. Companies looking to get involved in the Government’s nuclear roll-out programme will be particularly hopeful that his appointment will quash …

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29 August 2009

New Nukes

The electricity needed to succeed in replacing fossil fuels, both for transportation and everyday use, will have to come from nuclear generation. There is simply no other logical alternative.

The Market Oracle 28th Aug 2009 more >>

Roger Helmer MEP: Very occasionally, even this Labour government gets something right. It seems determined to press ahead with new nuclear power generating capacity. It may be too little, too late, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

Leicester Mercury

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28 August 2009

Nuclear Status

Nuclear will continue to decline according to a new report. At this point there is no obvious sign that the international nuclear industry could turn the decline into a promising future, it says. “The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2009” by independent consultant, Mycle Schneider, professor for energy policy Steve Thomas, consultant Antony Froggatt and Doug Koplow, was released on 27 August. Commissioned by the German federal ministry of environment, nature conservation and reactor safety, it gives facts on …

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27 August 2009

Nuclear Industry

The UK nuclear industry’s problems can’t all be put down to the wrong choice of reactor technology; poor management and a lack of long-term political vision are also to blame.

Nuclear Engineering International 26th Aug 2009 more >>

Radiation and Health

Nuclear power plants generate tritium in the course of their operation and release it both to the atmosphere and to water bodies. Tritium releases have also occurred as a result of malfunctions such as leaks from several nuclear power …

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26 August 2009


THERE have been 12 leaks and four fires at Hinkley B power station since 2001, it emerged this week. The information was released by Labour MP David Kidney, a parliamentary under-secretary in the Department of Energy and Climate Change, in response to a question in parliament about fires and leaks at all of Britain’s nuclear power stations.

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Great news from Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd, the company charged with “delivering the safe clean-up and …

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25 August 2009


More than 100 Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) countries have welcomed Iran’s proposal to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) to ban attacks on nuclear installations of all countries, Iran’s envoy to the UN nuclear agency said.

Iran Daily 24th August 2009 more >>

Iran’s leaders say the country’s nuclear program exists only for the purpose of generating electricity. Western intelligence agencies say the Islamic republic aims to produce nuclear weapons and intimidate its neighbors. How close is Iran to getting the …

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24 August 2009


Decontamination experts at the former nuclear site at Dounreay, northern Scotland, are using the Cillit Bang household cleaner to remove radioactive plutonium stains.

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20,000 discarded uranium fuel rods stored in the Arctic Circle are corroding. The possible result? Detonation of a massive radioactive bomb experts say could rival the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

Belfast Telegraph 24th August 2009 more >>


The Bulgarian government of the …

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23 August 2009


Australia should rethink its stance on nuclear power and then let the people decide via a referendum, Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce says.

The Age 23rd August 2009 more >>

The Australian 23rd August 2009 more >> 23rd August 2009 more >>

The annual meeting of the South Australian Liberal Party has supported a motion to debate the use of nuclear power technology to reduce carbon emissions.

The motion was carried by a narrow majority despite strong opposition from …

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22 August 2009

Sustainable Development Commission

Will Day, who took over as Chair of the Commission at the end of July and lives near to Dungeness power station in Kent, said the waste legacy of nuclear power made it unsustainable. ‘In an unpredictable climate and world, is it right to leave as a legacy waste and management issues that don’t just last five, 10, 20 years but decades and hundreds of years?’ He also said coastal erosion posed a risk to future nuclear power …

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