News October 2008

31 October 2008

New Nukes

New nuclear reactors are more expensive and create fewer jobs than renewable generation when expenses such as waste disposal, insurance risks and reactor decommissioning are included in the equation, an environmental think tank said yesterday. Earth Policy Institute founder Lester Brown told reporters that investors are backing his claim with cash. “Although industry representatives may have convinced some political leaders that [nuclear power] is a good idea, there is little evidence of private capital investing in nuclear plants in …

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30 October 2008

Nuclear Waste

NEXT Tuesday Cumbria County Council’s Cabinet will decide whether to ‘express an interest’ in the Government process to find a location for a deep geological nuclear waste repository in Cumbria. But the motion before councillors will point clearly at Copeland as the area for consideration, rather than the county as a whole.

Whitehaven News 29th Oct 2008 more >>

New Nukes

Letter from David Lowry: I read with some incredulity that the West Wales Business Forum has joined the …

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29 October 2008

Nuclear Liability

Poor overloaded taxpayers. Not content with being lumbered with enormous debts to bail out failing banks and huge bills for rising unemployment, the government has just landed us with the potential for an unlimited bill for any nuclear accident or leak from the decomissioning of Sellafield for years to come. In a deal that will thrill private investors, Malcolm Wicks, in one of his last acts as energy minister, caved in to a United States-led private consortium’s demands that …

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28 October 2008

New Nukes

Letter: The idea that Scotland can go into the future without replacing its nuclear power stations (which currently meet 40% of the Scottish annual maximum demand gigawatts) is madness. National electricity supply calls for a generation mix continuously able to adjust to meet second by second the prevailing pattern of demand 365 days a year.

Herald 28th Oct 2008 more >>

Nuclear energy is undergoing a worldwide renaissance, but poor nations yearning to develop need to realize that it …

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27 October 2008


Taxpayers have been left with unlimited liability amounting to billions of pounds should there be a repeat of a nuclear accident at Sellafield under a deal signed with a US-led consortium which takes over the decommissioning of the waste facility from November 24. The indemnity even covers accidents and leaks that are the consortium’s fault.

Guardian 27th Oct 2008 more >>

One of the people advising the Government on the best places to site new nuclear reactors has branded Sellafield …

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26 October 2008

Energy Prices

There was uproar when it emerged recently that French customers pay less for their electricity than those in the UK. This led to the accusation that British customers of French group EDF were subsidising customers in France. Much more likely an explanation – as EDF UK’s Vincent de Rivaz asserts – is that currently nuclear power, which provides most of France’s electricity, is cheaper than other forms like renewables or coal more common in the UK. But unless EDF …

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25 October 2008


Areva and Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding have partnered to build a new manufacturing and engineering facility in Newport News, Virginia, to supply the growing American nuclear energy sector.

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The Engineer 24th Oct 2008 more >>

A Toshiba-Westinghouse consortium has been awarded a 10-year contract worth over E100 million by EDF for the renewal of stator coils in the generators of more than 10 nuclear power plants in France.

Energy Business Review 24th Oct 2008

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24 October 2008


A WELSH Labour MP has accused the UK Government of covering up a deal that will land taxpayers with a multi-billion- pound liability in the event of a nuclear accident while a private consortium will reap the profits. Newport West MP Paul Flynn discovered that details of a contract to privatise the management of waste from the controversial Sellafield nuclear power station in Cumbria should have been placed in the House of Commons library in July. If they had been, …

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23 October 2008

New Nukes

RWE, Germany’s second-biggest power supplier, plans to take part in up to five nuclear power projects outside Germany, its chairman said in a newspaper interview Wednesday.

Energy Daily 22nd Oct 2008 more >>

Letter from Dr Brian Jones: It is disturbing to learn of the staggering shortage of inspectors available to deal with the nuclear industry and the HSE’s complacency. Even in times of austerity we must invest to ensure the best and most able professionals are given the …

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22 October 2008

New Nukes

It’s the billion-dollar question. Will nuclear energy save the world from global warming? Nuclear power plants produce virtually zero carbon emissions throughout their lifecycle, but they are costly to build and environmentalists claim the money would be better spent on building renewable resources.

New Scientist 21st Oct 2008 more >>

More than 50 countries have alerted the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that they are considering utilizing nuclear power, the head of the United Nations body said today.

eGov Monitor

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