News June 2008

30 June 2008

Nuclear Proliferation

Four former foreign and defence secretaries have appealed to the world’s nuclear states to reduce their stockpiles of weapons in the hope of dissuading other countries from pursuing nuclear ambitions. Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Lord Owen, Lord Hurd of Westwell and Lord Robertson of Port Ellen say that as more nuclear material gets into circulation, the greater the risk that it will fall into the wrong hands. “Some of the new terrorist organisations of today would have little hesitation in …

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29 June 2008

Nuclear Waste

Cumbria last week took the first steps towards volunteering to be the site of Britain’s first underground nuclear dump, in return for a hefty government “bribe”. Its county council decided on Thursday to start talks about the implications of the deal with two local borough councils: Copeland, which has already made an “expression of interest” in hosting the dump, and Allerdale, which is expected to follow suit.

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Dalgety Bay

THE struggle to …

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28 June 2008

New Nukes

Olkiluoto3, which, like its sister construction in France, has been beset with problems. Nonetheless, the pair are being presented as part of a “nuclear renaissance”, driven by the price of fossil fuels, the need to reduce carbon emissions and the perceived impossibility of meeting our energy needs via renewable sources. Encouraged by the UK government, a behind-the-scenes scramble for control of the sites supporting our existing fleet of 19 reactors is under way, on the assumption that these will …

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27 June 2008

New Nukes

In addition to turning to wind power, Labour also plans to revive the flagging nuclear industry. Britain’s ten working nuclear power stations currently produce 20 per cent of the country’s electricity.

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Twenty Greenpeace activists have successfully stopped construction of a new nuclear reactor being built in Flamanville, France, from restarting, for over 50 hours. Although building was halted because of safety problems, these are still unresolved. The activists have been blocking three …

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26 June 2008

New Nukes

Reforms of Britain’s planning laws to allow new nuclear power stations to be approved and built quickly were necessary to help reduce the country’s dependence on oil and to combat climate change, Prime Minister Gordon Brown will say in a major speech on energy today. Brown’s remarks come a day after the government yesterday defeated an attempt by rebel MPs from the ruling Labour Party to let ministers have the final say on planning decisions instead of an independent …

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25 June 2008


Gordon Brown has intervened to offer fresh concessions to head off tonight’s expected rebellion by up to 60 Labour MPs over controversial plans to hand over planning decisions for big projects, such as nuclear power stations and runways, to a new, unelected body. His offer to support one detailed rebel amendment, late on Monday night, led to a leading opponent, Clive Betts, Labour MP for Sheffield Attercliffe, deciding to back the government tonight. But other rebels, including John Grogan, MP …

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24 June 2008

New Nukes

More than 60 Labour MPs are threatening to derail plans to weaken people’s long-standing right to oppose the building of new nuclear power stations and airport runways in their own “backyards”.

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Q&A What is the Planning Bill

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Britain will face severe power outages by 2013 and run out of energy altogether two years later if plans to build nuclear and wind energy facilites are delayed, according to …

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23 June 2008


The Prime Minister Gordon Brown will talk to his Japanese counterpart, Yasuo Fukuda, at the G8 meeting in Hokkaido next month about a potential £1bn a year deal which would boost the UK’s nuclear industry. Mr Brown and Mr Fukuda will discuss a contract to reprocess fuel at Sellafield in Cumbria to be used in Japan’s nuclear reactors, industry sources said. The deal would provide a welcome new source of revenue for the cash-strapped Treasury and would revive the UK’s …

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22 June 2008

New Nukes

GORDON Brown will this weekend urge Saudi Arabia to invest some of the trillions of dollars made out of soaring oil prices in nuclear power and renewable energy projects in the UK.

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Mr Brown’s proposals also include accelerating the switch to alternative sources of energy, including renewables, and persuading producers to diversify into alternative energy projects, particularly those in Britain.

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British Energy

Wicks insists that his …

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21 June 2008

New Nukes

Oil-rich states should use the trillions of dollars they are making from soaring prices to finance new nuclear power plants in Britain, said Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Speaking after a fractious summit of EU leaders in Brussels, the Prime Minister insisted that huge sums of cash needed to be “recycled” from regions such as the Middle East for the sake of the world economy.

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Aberdeen Press & Journal 21st June 2008

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