News January 2008

31 January 2008

New Nukes

The British government must remain resolute in its backing for a new fleet of nuclear power stations despite the likelihood of a fresh legal challenge, the head of power giant E.ON UK said on Wednesday.

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Nuclear remains the wrong option according to the Sustainable Development Commission.

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30 January 2008

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

The cost of decommissioning ageing nuclear power sites has risen “rapidly” in the past few years by £12bn to £73bn, according to the National Audit Office (NAO) which said costs were rising, even for the most imminent work. It said the industry faced “significant challenges”.

BBC 30th …

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29 January 2008


Letter from Stephen Salter: The figure for carbon release from nuclear power quoted by Steuart Campbell (Letters, 24 January) must be based on a very rich ore grade from the early days of the nuclear industry from mines that are now exhausted. They cannot include waste disposal, because it …

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28 January 2008

Nuclear costs

Taxpayers are to be liable for clean-up bills running into many billions of pounds as ministers quietly underwrite the insurance costs of the nuclear industry. Gordon Brown insisted recently that there would be no special subsidies to fund a new generation of power stations and that companies wishing to build them must bear the full costs of dealing with waste. A spokeswoman for the Department for …

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27 January 2008

New nukes

Article by Mark Lynas originally from the New Statesman: the UK is endowed with some of the best renewable resources in the world (particularly wind and wave, as well as tidal) and could become both a technology market leader and a major energy exporter if only the political will and economic muscle could be mobilised to make this …

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26 January 2008


SCANA Corp’s South Carolina Electric & Gas utility is stepping back from plans to pursue a new nuclear reactor as costs skyrocket, a spokesman said on Friday. The Columbia, South Carolina-based utility planned to file an application with nuclear regulators last year but delayed that action while it studies costs of alternate generation options, said spokesman Robert Yanity. …

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25 January 2008


Sellafield trade unions have published a new document which outlines plans for the future of Sellafield as Britain’s premier nuclear installation, entitled “FIGHTING FOR A FUTURE FOR SELLAFIELD”. The unions are campaigning for spent nuclear fuel from the proposed new reactors to be reprocessed; for the possibility of securing reprocessing contracts from abroad to be …

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24 January 2008

New nukes

Paul Golby said Eon was interested in participating in “more than one” new nuclear power station in Britain, while wind power would be the main focus of a 1 billion pound investment programme in low-carbon energy over the next five years.

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The British government’s recent decision to encourage new nuclear power plants …

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23 January 2008


Britain may face a bill of more than £6 billion a year to meet tough new emissions targets due to be published today by the European Commission. To try to tackle global warming, all 27 European Union countries will be set targets for renewable energy use to ensure that 20 per cent of EU energy comes from renewables by 2020. The UK’s renewables target …

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22 January 2008


Cornwall Friends of the Earth (CFoE) have sent a nearly 900 strong petition to Cornwall county council calling for it to work towards a nuclear free and non non-nuclear dependent Cornwall by becoming a member of the Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA) network .

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