News April 2008

30 April 2008

New Nukes

The UK’s construction sector will be able to provide up to 80% of new nuclear build capacity, according to the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA).

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Campaigners are furious to learn of plans for an unproven nuclear reactor. If given the go-ahead, the proposals would mean a Westinghouse AP1000 model is used at the Oldbury site, South Gloucestershire, which is home to a corroded reactor. The deal follows the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s (NDA) decision …

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29 April 2008


BUSINESSES interested in working in the nuclear industry in North Wales are being given the opportunity to find out what standards of service they must meet. Major contractor Magnox North will meet current and prospective suppliers at an event called Raising your Game to be held at Technium CAST, Parc Menai, Bangor, on May 14 between 2.45pm and 7.15pm. The event aims to raise awareness about the requirements for working on nuclear sites such as Wylfa and Trawsfynydd.

Daily Post 29th

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28 April 2008

New nukes

Pensioned-off engineers will have to be brought out of retirement if the revival of nuclear power is not to be hit by serious delays, the Government has been warned. A shortage of professional engineers and skilled trades is threatening plans to build new nuclear power stations around the country to ensure security of electricity supply and avoid the risk of blackouts, it is claimed. Over the next 10 years the nuclear sector will need to recruit between 5,900-9,000 graduates …

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27 April 2008

British Energy

Centrica has warned that it will bitterly oppose the takeover of British Energy by EDF of France or Germany’s RWE. It has been seeking to team up with the European utility groups, possibly taking a minority stake in the nuclear generator. But, as The Observer reported this month, EDF and RWE are currently planning to bid alone. Centrica, which owns British Gas, has warned that it will lobby the Office of Fair Trading to refer any individual bid for …

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26 April 2008


THE UK Atomic Energy Authority has succeeded in keeping private details about enriched uranium and plutonium stockpiles at Dounreay. Disclosing the information could help terrorists gain access to potential bomb-making materials, deputy UK information commissioner Richard Thomas has ruled. In the first case of its kind, Mr Thomas upheld the UKAEA’s refusal to hand over seven files to Edinburgh-based environmental journalist Rob Edwards. Mr Thomas claimed disclosure could have “a far-reaching impact on the national security of the UK”.

John O

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25 April 2008

Radiation and Health

AMONG the many environmental concerns surrounding nuclear power plants, there is one that provokes public anxiety like no other: the fear that children living near nuclear facilities face an increased risk of cancer. Though a link has long been suspected, it has never been proven. Now that seems likely to change. Studies in the 1980s revealed increased incidences of childhood leukaemia near nuclear installations at Windscale (now Sellafield), Burghfield and Dounreay in the UK. Later studies near German …

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24 April 2008

New Nukes

E.ON, the German-owned utility which supplies gas and electricity to millions of customers in Britain, said yesterday that it planned to build two nuclear power stations in the UK. The company, which has run into controversy over its plans to build a coal-fired plant at Kingsnorth, Kent, wants to use a new  generation of 1,600MW atomic reactor, designed by Areva of France.

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23 April 2008

New nukes

Areva said its 1,600 megawatts EPR European pressurised water reactor has been selected by E.ON AG as its exclusive technology for all its upcoming nuclear reactor projects in the UK. Under a newly-signed global cooperation agreement, E.ON and Areva will also collaborate on further developing a boiling-water reactor, temporarily named SWR, with a capacity of 1,250 mw, the French nuclear engineering group said.

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Nuclear power plants …

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22 April 2008


WEIR Group has continued its sale of non-core businesses, disposing of nuclear and marine specialist Strachan & Henshaw to Babcock International for around £65 million.

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Azerbaijan has halted a Russian shipment of equipment intended for Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant, demanding more information for fear of violating United Nations sanctions, officials said.

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The U.N. atomic watchdog’s top investigator began talks with Iranian officials on Monday to …

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21 April 2008


Italy should reconsider its opposition to nuclear power to reduce energy costs, the chief executive of Italian utility Enel told a newspaper a week after Silvio Berlusconi was elected prime minister.

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Enel SpA. plans to build a nuclear power plant in Italy to take advantage of a possible legislative shift in Italy making nuclear power production legal, Financial Times Deutschland reported, citing chief executive Fulvio Conti.

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Pakistan has …

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