News July 2007

31 July 2007

North Korea

A second round of six-party talks over North Korea’s nuclear programs ended in Beijing on July 20 without any agreement on the next steps to be taken in implementing the broad deal reached in February. While the Bush administration is pushing Pyongyang to rapidly disable all of its nuclear facilities, North Korea is demanding economic assistance and, above all, the normalisation of relations with Washington, including …

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30 July 2007


The rush to process uranium is to generate electricity, say officials in Isfahan. But there are no power stations.

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Western governments continue to insist that Iran must suspend enrichment as a precondition for negotiations, because of the deep mistrust stemming from the country’s 18-year concealment of the most sensitive aspects of its nuclear programme.

Independent …

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29 July 2007

Radioactive Waste

A £6million decontamination centre can be built at Lillyhall near Workington, County Councillors have decided.

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Premises on the edge of flood zones include the Faslane nuclear submarine base on the Clyde, as well as nuclear plants at Hunterston in North Ayrshire, Torness in East Lothian and Dounreay in Caithness. Sepa’s headquarters in Stirling …

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28 July 2007


German leaders have attacked French President Nicolas Sarkozy over a deal to provide Libya with a nuclear reactor for desalinating sea water.

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Nuclear Waste

Letter: with suitable funds to research deactivating nuclear waste, this could result in the further development of nuclear power, a clean energy with the merest hint of a carbon footprint, solve our energy problem and end …

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27 July 2007

New nukes

Letter from Ben Ayliffe: Saying that renewables will cause an unacceptable blight on this green and pleasant land (Renewable energy projects will devour huge amounts of land, warns researcher, July 25) ignores one very salient point: land use is not the major threat we face. Climate change is. Nuclear power is a climate red herring that won’t deliver enough emissions cuts and won’t do it soon …

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26 July 2007


The International Atomic Energy Agency should inspect an earthquake-damaged nuclear plant as quickly as possible before any clean-up that might obscure the extent of the damage, the head of the opposition Social Democratic party of Japan has urged.

FT 26th July 2007 more >>

Japan, which has no oil or gas to speak of, cannot contemplate life without nuclear power. Japan’s paranoia about being a resource-poor …

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25 July 2007


A small fire broke out today at a partly constructed nuclear power station in northern Japan, the third blaze at the plant this month. It comes a week after an earthquake caused a radioactive spillage at another atomic plant. The operator, Hokkaido Electric Power (Hepco), said there was no danger of a radiation leak and there were no injuries during the incident at the Tomari plant.

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24 July 2007


While most of its rivals continue to jostle in the consolidating European energy market, EDF is now looking across the Atlantic for its long-term future growth. The French state-controlled electricity behemoth is betting on a renaissance of the North American nuclear industry after a 30-year pause during which no new nuclear reactor was commissioned in the US.

FT 24th July 2007 more >>

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23 July 2007


EDF’s nuclear power joint venture with Constellation Energy Group Inc in the US will allow the French utility to enter ‘a major period of expansion’ similar to that seen in the 1970s, EDF chief executive Pieree Gadoneix said in an interview with Le Figaro.

Forbes 23rd July 2007 more >>

New nukes

Letter: Bearing in mind the formidable future challenges posed by the environment …

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22 July 2007

North Korea

North Korea’s envoy at talks on the country’s nuclear programme has said it should be given light-water reactors as reward for axing its current programme. Such reactors cannot easily be used for making weapons-grade material, but correspondents say the demand may cause problems for the six-party talks.

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In the early morning of 21st July, neo-nazi skinheads launched a vicious and unprovoked attack on a non-violent anti-nuclear protest camp in Angarsk, …

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