News September 2006

30 September 2006


Egypt – along with Turkey – recently announced plans to build nuclear power plants. BBC 29th Sept 2006


Britain’s Prince Michael of Kent has opened a new nuclear storage site in northern Russia funded by the UK. The Murmansk region in the Arctic Circle hosts Russia’s nuclear submarine fleet and nuclear ice breakers.BBC 29th Sept 2006DTI

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29 September 2006

North Korea

A top Chinese nuclear envoy arrived in South Korea on Friday to help spur stalled talks on ending North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme, with Washington growing weary of Pyongyang’s refusal to return to the table. Reuters 29th Sept 2006


AL-QAEDA’S new leader in Iraq has called for nuclear scientists to help him kill Westerners with dirty bombs. Abu Ayyub al-Masri’s chilling appeal was …

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28 September 2006


Iran’s top nuclear negotiator has begun talks with the European Union’s foreign policy chief on Iran’s controversial nuclear programme. BBC 27th Sept 2006 Reuters 27th Sept 2006 FT 28th sept 2006 Scotland

MSPs have agreed to press ministers on whether or not the issue of nuclear waste has been resolved. The Scottish Executive has repeatedly stated that …

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27 September 2006


Scotland can meet its future energy requirements without the need for nuclear power, MSPs are due to be told. Campaigner Colin Anderson is urging the Scottish Parliament to debate the nuclear issue even though energy is a reserved matter dealt with at Westminster. But Mr Anderson, from Perth, believes the country’s future energy policy is so important that Scotland must have a say in determining it. …

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26 September 2006

North Korea

The United States is willing to hold a bilateral meeting with North Korea even before six-nation nuclear disarmament talks resume, in a concession aimed at restarting the stalled dialogue, US ambassador to South Korea Alexander Vershbow said. Interactive Investor 26th Sept 2006

North Korea will probably test a nuclear weapon, with an even chance of doing so this year, as Kim …

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25 September 2006

Middle East

EGYPT and Turkey are pressing ahead with plans to join the nuclear club, amid fears that Iran’s atomic programme could trigger a nuclear race across the Middle East. After the failure of the United Nations to curb Iran’s nuclear development, including the enrichment of uranium, experts fear that other powers in the region may feel forced to build their own deterrent. Times 25th

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24 September 2006


Thousands of anti-war activists joined a huge rally calling on the government to bring British troops home from Iraq and arguing the public does not want a new generation of nuclear weapons.Guardian website 23rd Sept 2006Ananova 23rd Sept 2006

While there will be a showdown with the unions on NHS privatisation and pensions, grassroots motions on many contentious issues – Iraq or Trident – were ruled out …

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23 September 2006

Sellafield MoX Plant

A British nuclear plant recently constructed to make plutonium fuel for power reactors in Japan and Europe has been plagued with so many breakdowns that it may have to be shut down. A technical review for the government’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) reveals that the plant at Sellafield in Cumbria has suffered 37,000 minor and 100 major equipment failures in a year. These have prevented production for …

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22 September 2006


AN EMERGENCY shutdown of the Torness reactors caused by a seaweed blockage has led a Borders councillor to question the value of nuclear power. John Elliot represents Scottish Borders Council on the east coast power station’s liaison committee. He was speaking to TheSouthern after confirmation from station owners British Energy that engineers had been forced into shutting down both power-producing reactors at the 18-year-old station.

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21 September 2006

British Energy

ENVIRONMENT campaigners today used a 14ft inflatable white elephant to highlight their opposition to nuclear power. The blow-up animal was part of a demonstration outside Murrayfield Stadium, in Roseburn Street this morning. Protesters wrote the slogans “Nuclear power, no thanks. It’s a white elephant” and “Say no to nuclear power. It’s a white elephant” on it. The protest was timed to co-incide with a BE AGM.Edinburgh

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