News July 2006

31 July 2006

Nuclear Waste

The UK government should move with haste to begin burying the country’s radioactive waste deep underground, says the Royal Society. The national scientific body made its call as the panel tasked with finding a long-term solution to the waste problem prepared to issue its final report.BBC 31st July 2006Sky News 31st July 2006Times 31st July 2006

Government advisers are today set to …

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30 July 2006


The European heatwave has forced nuclear power plants to reduce or halt production. The weather, blamed for deaths and disruption across much of the continent, has caused dramatic rises in the temperature of rivers used to cool the reactors, raising fears of mass deaths for fish and other wildlife.Observer 30th July 2006


PAKISTAN will soon be able to strike every city in India using a new arsenal …

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29 July 2006


HOMEOWNERS living close to the Dounreay nuclear site are to challenge its operators over plans to build huge waste storage vaults near their properties. Residents in Buldoo, Caithness are trying to stop the development of the shallow storage dumps which will be built just 430 metres from the nearest home and will be left in the ground forever. They want a public inquiry …

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28 July 2006


The European Union called on Iran on Thursday to stop punishing human rights activists, including a lawyer accused of spying on Tehran’s controversial nuclear programme. The Finnish EU Presidency expressed “serious concern” about what it called a deteriorating situation with regard to freedom of expression in Iran and the status of human rights activists.Reuters 27th July 2006

The war in Lebanon may have somewhat distracted …

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27 July 2006

Nuclear Weapons

If you are ever driving up the M6 to Scotland on a dark night, and you see a convoy of three sinister-looking dark green trucks come loom ing up out of the mist ahead of you, be afraid. Be very afraid. You have just come face to face with part of the UK’s stockpile of weapons of mass destruction. Each cargo truck carries a crate of warheads from …

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26 July 2006

Nuclear Testing

A veteran of Allied atomic bomb tests is the first British soldier to win compensation from the US government over Christmas Island nuclear testing.BBC 25th July 2006Daily Mail 25th July 2006Birmingham Post 26th July 2006


The United States House of Representatives is due to vote on a landmark nuclear deal to share civilian nuclear technology with India. The deal offers US nuclear …

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25 July 2006

New nukes

The Government has ruled out subsidies for nuclear power or market mechanisms such as a “nuclear obligation” requiring suppliers to buy part of their needs from nuclear stations – raising doubts as to how a new generation of reactors might be built. The nuclear lobby claims that a streamlined and shortened planning and licensing regime is all that is needed to make a new construction programme …

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24 July 2006

Nuclear Weapons

Anti-nuclear campaigners called for an “open” debate about whether Britain renews its Trident nuclear deterrent ahead of a vote in Parliament on the crucial issue. The Government has promised MPs they will have the final say on whether to order a new generation of nuclear missiles, which would cost up to £25 billion. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament welcomed the move but said the vote must be preceded …

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23 July 2006

N. Korea

China has signalled its reluctance to hold five-party talks on Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions in Malaysia next week, if the reclusive communist state refuses to meet.Reuters 22nd July 2006

Waste Transport

ENVIRONMENTAL campaigners yesterday revealed detailed timetables for the trains that carry nuclear waste across Britain, triggering alarm that terrorists could exploit the information. The report, from Greenpeace, includes details of more than 1,000 …

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22 July 2006

New nukes

Letter in support of CHP rather than nuclear power.News Wales 21st July 2006

Why God would smile on the nuclear option. SHOULD we build a new generation of nuclear power stations? Let’s first deal with the deeper question. Given that there are Christians prepared to go to jail in opposition to nuclear power, how could others work in such an industry?Scotsman 22nd July 2006


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