The firm that owns an uncompleted nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in Aomori Prefecture failed to conduct necessary checks and falsified safety check records relating to the plant, the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) has reported. The NRA concluded on Oct. 11 that Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd. (JNFL) has violated safety measures after it was learned that the firm failed to carry out the required checks and nevertheless continued to write down “no abnormalities” in safety check records. There has been a spate of incidents such as the flow of rainwater into facility buildings at the plant in the Aomori Prefecture village of Rokkasho. The plant, which is scheduled to reprocess spent nuclear fuel, was on the verge of hosting a final-stage NRA safety inspection, but the checkup is likely to be postponed considerably as JNFL now has to prioritize in-house inspections of all facilities at the plant.

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Fukushima survivor Mitsuko Sonoda will testify today on the ongoing human rights abuses of Fukushima victims, and the ever-present risk nuclear power plants pose to the communities that live near them, at the United Nations Human Rights Council. Ms. Mitsuko Sonoda was forced her to flee her home in order to protect her then 10-year-old son in the aftermath of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima. Since then, she and other mothers have been standing up to fight for themselves and their children.

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Published: 12 October 2017