Pressure is mounting to keep two nuclear power reactors at Hunterston in North Ayrshire closed after the company that runs them, EDF Energy, said it had found more cracks and was again postponing plans to restart. The French company now estimates that there are 370 major cracks in the graphite core of reactor three and 200 cracks in the core of reactor four. Reactor three has been closed down since 9 March 2018, and reactor four since 2 October. The day after The Ferret revealed in November that 350 cracks had been discovered in reactor three in breach of an operating safety limit, EDF postponed restarting both reactors to January and February. On 9 January the group of nuclear-free local authorities is holding a safety briefing on Hunterston for MSPs in the Scottish Parliament. Experts will call for the reactors to stay closed rather than risking a nuclear accident, and for new jobs to be created in Ayrshire. Nuclear policy consultant, Dr Ian Fairlie, will argue that the increasing number of cracks in the ageing reactors spelled their end. “There is only one thing you can do and that is close them, as they cannot be repaired,” he told The Ferret.

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Published: 9 January 2019