AN AUSTRIAN appeal against UK Government funding for Hinkley C has been dismissed after a sprawling investigation. This week the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on whether the UK government’s contribution to the new nuclear power station in Somerset constituted ‘state aid’, and found that it did not. EDF Energy stated it was confident the funding would withstand legal challenge. An EDF spokesman said: ““EDF Energy believed that the state aid investigation by the European Commission was exhaustive, fair and robust. However Green MEP for South West Dr Molly Scott-Cato described the ECJ’s decision as ‘regrettable’. “This decision is hugely regrettable. There can be no justification for EU subsidies to be thrown at nuclear. “Hinkley C is a particular tragedy for the South West when we are blessed with exciting renewable energy alternatives. The region has huge potential for both onshore and offshore wind; for tidal and geothermal energy and is the region best suited in the whole of the UK to capture the power of the sun. “Sadly, today’s ECJ ruling will only serve to reinforce the government’s ideological obsession with nuclear. The National Infrastructure Commission agrees that nuclear is not the way forward for the UK and that we should seize the golden opportunities that renewable energy technologies provide.” Molly Scott Cato also warned that Brexit could have devastating impacts on the UK’s ability to generate nuclear power. “Brexit could leave nuclear power in the UK in meltdown.

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Hinkley Point C: wider benefits realisation plan. A plan on how the wider benefits of building Hinkley Point C will be realised.

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Hinkley Point C to create jobs boom during construction phase.

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Published: 18 July 2018