EDF must consult its CEC on construction of two EPR reactors in England (Hinkley Point C). Justice has ruled in favor of the CCE The Central Works Council EDF SA (CCE EDF SA) appealed to the courts in June 2016 in order to request additional information on the Hinkley Point project C “(construction of two EPR reactors in England) to be able to apprehend it in all its components. On September 7, 2018, the Court of Appeal of In the end, Paris has just given the CCE the opinion that EDF did not have communicated to the elected representatives of the staff an “objective, precise and complete information to the the technical and financial issues raised by the HPC project “and had not therefore not allowed “to give a reasoned opinion on this project”. Also, the Court orders EDF the communication, to the representatives of the personnel in CEC, the full project risk analysis report, voluntarily not disclosed in 2016, within one month and directs Management to proceed with a new consultation of the EAC within two months. Justice reaffirms the right of staff representatives to complete information and precise, and thus, to a transparency in particular on the stakes and risks induced by a project which, according to the judges themselves, “involves issues of exceptional importance in terms of financial commitments, duration of the project and strategy of the Group ‘and having an impact on the number of jobs. The CTE welcomes this decision, which reiterates the importance of the right to information and consultation of the staff representatives who ensure the collective expression of the employees. Elected representatives are now waiting for the information that EDF’s management owes them.

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There are “no worries” about the safety of material being dumped from a nuclear plant off the coast of Cardiff, the man overseeing the project has said. About 300,000 tonnes will be dredged from the seabed near the Hinkley Point C building site in Somerset. Dumping began on Monday night despite opposition to the project from hundreds of people. Hinkley Point C harbourmaster Will Barker said: “I’ve got no worries at all of the make-up of that material.” Campaign Against Hinkley Mud Dumping submitted an application to the High Court in Cardiff on Monday seeking an interim injunction. However by Wednesday evening, developer EDF had moved 3,000 tonnes of mud and sediment to Cardiff Grounds, a licensed disposal site a mile out to sea off Cardiff Bay. A second hopper barge is due to arrive at Hinkley on Friday night to join the dredging operation, which is expected to last six weeks.

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A LAST-MINUTE call for legal action has been made over the dumping of “potentially hazardous mud” from a nuclear plant site off the coast of Penarth, despite it having already started. However, anger from activists has led to a crowdfunding page being set up to help campaigners get an injunction on the mud dumping. A petition has also been sent in to the National Assembly. Many local residents from Penarth, Barry, Cardiff and further afield have shared their frustrations over the sediment being dumped off the coast.

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Published: 14 September 2018