A start is to be made on Thursday next week on the controversial dumping of 320,000 tonnes of allegedly radioactive mud in the Bristol Channel just a mile off the Penarth sea front. The mud comes from the vicinity of the Hinkley Point nuclear reactor site where a third nuclear power station is now being built by the French energy company EDF – and will be dumped at the so-called “Cardiff Grounds” site . EDF has given the Welsh Labour Government’s environmental arm – Natural Resources Wales – the absolute bare minimum of notice. EDF is required by its licence to give at least 10 days’ notice of the commencement of the mud-dumping operations off Penarth – and EDF has given exactly the minimum amount of notice it’s required to give – just 10 days – and no more.

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Plans for proposed Hinkley sewage plant unveiled.

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EDF is looking to postpone major roadworks that would bring more traffic chaos to Bridgwater. As part of the Development Consent Order agreement for Hinkley C, the French energy giant has already carried out a number of junction works including the infamous Wylds Road one-way system in 2017 and installing a new roundabout at Washford Cross. The next major project was due to be the widening of the junction between Wylds Road and Bristol Road which would potentially last more than two years.

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Published: 12 August 2018