Calls to stop mud dredged alongside a new nuclear power station from being dumped near Cardiff Bay have been rejected by the assembly. But AMs said Natural Resources Wales should do more to reassure the public. The vote followed a lively assembly debate and protests on the Senedd steps. Ex-Plaid AM Neil McEvoy demanded Labour listened to voters, but Environment Secretary Lesley Griffiths accused campaigners of circulating “lies”. The debate followed a petition against the dumping of mud – which is currently underway – from the Bristol Channel near the Somerset site where Hinkley Point C is being built. A Plaid Cymru and Welsh Conservative call to suspend the NRW licence that allows the scheme to go ahead was backed by 22 opposition AMs, but 26 others voted against. Labour AMs and Liberal Democrat education minister Kirsty Williams opposed the proposal. The Welsh Government instead called for Natural Resources Wales to carry out further work “to explain the process”. Campaigners have called for further testing, but the Welsh Government, which oversees Natural Resources Wales, has said that existing test results show the mud poses no risks to human health.

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The Welsh Labour Government last night marshalled every vote it could muster to see-off the combined forces of Plaid Cymru and the Conservative Party in order to allow the dumping of 320,000 tons of ‘nuclear mud’ off Penarth to continue uninterrupted . Outside the Welsh Assembly last night – immediately before the debate and vote on the issue in the Assembly chamber – a mass protest rally took place attended by over 300 demonstrators who were addressed by the leader of Plaid Cymru Adam Price. The Vale of Glamorgan Council and Barry Town Council votes to oppose the dumping but a call for a debate on the issue in Penarth Town Council – which had been initiated by the Deputy Mayor of Penarth Cllr Angela Thomas – was quashed by the Labour Party. PDN sources say the Labour leadership didn’t want to rock the sensitive Labour boat so near to a party leadership election – due in December. Speaking against the Plaid/Conservative motion was the Welsh Labour Government’s Energy Minister Lesley Griffiths – a former personal secretary . It was she who had issued the licence to allow the mud dumping in the first place. She said it was “deeply disappointing there are some who are deliberately seeking to mislead the public for their own political gains and misrepresenting the facts”. Griffiths warned the skippers of the fishing boats circling in the waters outside the Assembly not to attempt any blockade of the mud-dumping operation because it would be “a risk to public safety”.

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The scandal-ridden and law-breaking Welsh Labour Government is pulling out all the stops to defeat a motion in the Welsh Assembly tomorrow aimed at stopping the deliberate dumping – off Penarth – of 320,000 tons of potentially contaminated mud dredged from the Hinkley Point nuclear power site in Somerset.

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The drone footage which shows the huge scale of ‘nuclear mud’ dumping off the Welsh coast. Striking drone footage reveals the scale of the controversial dredging taking place as mud is moved from near the Hinkley Point nuclear sites to the Cardiff Grounds dumping area off the South Wales coast. Campaigners have won international attention with their call for further tests to ensure the mud is safe and their push for an environmental impact assessment and the suspension of the marine licence. But it is understood that the process of moving approximately 300,000 tonnes of sediment, which started in early September and is expected to last approximately three months, is now “well over halfway through”. The Welsh Government and now turned its guns on activists for spreading “scaremongering and lies”. Neil McEvoy, a South Wales Central Independent AM who, together with Super Furry Animals musician Cian Ciarán was part of the team that captured footage of the dredging vessel, was dismayed by the vote against the suspension of the licence and the language used in the Senedd to describe campaigners. He said: “The precedent is set now. People can call each other liars…“I’m appalled at the lack of attention paid to the views of respected scientists…“This is a failure of governance. How can we reach a point where [this is] happening with such little scrutiny?”

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The Labour-led Welsh government has been heavily criticised after refusing to halt the dumping of “nuclear mud” from a power station project in the sea off Cardiff. It insisted that the debris from the Hinkley Point C construction site in Somerset was safe and argued that it would be breaking the law if it suspended the disposal licence.

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Published: 11 October 2018