Green Gas

UK grid operator sets out long term vision for use of gas to decarbonise heat, transport and industry over the long term Gas will “play a crucial role for many decades to come” in the UK’s energy mix and can help to decarbonise heating, transport and industry, but clear policy direction is needed if the sector is to remain compatible with the government’s clean growth goals. That is the conclusion of a major new report from grid operator National Grid, which sets out its vision for the role of gas in the energy market as the UK works towards meeting its decarbonisation targets. In its report, National Grid examines the potential role for hydrogen, biogases and carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) in shifting the UK’s heating sources away from higher carbon fossil fuels, although it stresses “the ability to keep options open is key”. However, in order to support low carbon innovation and investment in these areas, the report argues “action is needed now to remove the policy gaps and barriers to decarbonising gas”, adding that industry, government and regulators should work closely together on deciding solutions. For example, National Grid said a national rollout strategy for low carbon heat using only electric heat sources would mean converting 20,000 homes per week from 2025 to 2050. As such, the report calls for a heat oversight body to be established in order to undertake a cost-benefit analysis of options for decarbonisation, with a view to making a decision on the best approach by early in the 2020s.

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Published: 13 March 2018