[Machine Translation] EDF announced on Wednesday that it had notified the French nuclear safety authority (ASN) of a “significant” safety event called “generic” because it was common to 20 of the 58 reactors in the French fleet, following inspections on certain piping at the pumping stations serving filtering and powering the power stations in the event of a fire. These checks revealed “metallic thicknesses on certain segments of the pipes that can not be justified” in the event of earthquakes of exceptional intensity which could therefore “give rise to a risk of flooding”, said the electrician public notice in an information note published on its website. The pipes have been reinforced for nine reactors (Belleville 1-2, Cattenom 3-4, Dampierre 1-2, Golfech 1-2 and Saint-Laurent-des-Eaux B1) and work is underway and will be finalized before restarting of five units at the stop (Chinon B3, Cruas 1, Dampierre 3, Nogent 1, Saint-Laurent-des-Eaux B2).

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French utility EDF is repairing pumping station pipes at 20 nuclear reactors after discovering they might not be strong enough to withstand earthquakes, posing a risk to cooling systems, it said on Wednesday.

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Published: 12 October 2017