Fossil Fuels

Tackling climate change would save at least a million lives a year the World Health Organization has told the UN climate summit in Poland, making it a moral imperative. Cutting fossil fuel burning not only slows global warming but slashes air pollution, which causes millions of early deaths a year, the WHO says. In a report requested by UN climate summit leaders, the WHO says the economic benefits of improved health are more than double the costs of cutting emissions, and even higher in India and China, which are plagued by toxic air. “The global public health community is getting very impatient,” said María Neira, WHO director of public and environmental health. “If you don’t think you need to take action for the sake of climate change, make sure when you think about the planet you incorporate a couple of lungs, a brain and a heart. It is not just about saving the planet in the future, it is about protecting the health of the people right now.” The damage caused by coal, oil and gas pollution is “outrageous”, she said. “There are words not included in the documents at [the climate summit]: asthma, lung cancer, stroke, heart disease – they need to be incorporated in all the decision-making processes.”

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The Welsh Government has launched a renewed clean energy push as part of revamped planning rules which place an effective ban on new open cast coal miles and more stringent restrictions on fracking in Wales. Published yesterday, the updated Planning Policy Wales places extraction and use of fossil fuels at the bottom of a new ‘energy hierarchy’ for planners to adhere to when considering the needs of a development. Demand reduction, efficiency, and renewables are all placed at the top of the official ranking.

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Published: 6 December 2018