Fossil Fuels

Did European environmental protestors help save coal investors and energy utilities a fortune? That is the counter intuitive question posed by a new report from the Sustainable Finance Programme at the University of Oxford Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment on the under-reported collapse in the pipeline of European coal power plant projects over the past decade. The report details how a huge pipeline of new coal-fired power plants has been almost completely abandoned in recent years – a phenomenon that holds stark lessons for utilities and investors in those emerging economies currently planning new coal plants. The study explores what happened to the massive planned expansion of coal-fired generation in Europe that emerged between 2005 and 2008 and was expected to add at least 49GW of fossil fuel capacity.

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The OECD estimates that $160bn to $200bn (£123bn to £154bn) a year goes towards supporting fossil fuel production and consumption in OECD countries and key emerging economies. This actively contributes to air pollution, health problems and premature deaths, as well as the increase in extreme weather events that comes with climate change. This policy costs taxpayers twice – firstly for the subsidies, and then again as public funds are needed to deal with health costs and climate change.

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Published: 12 August 2017