France’s nuclear industry has ended its “Finnish nightmare” after paying €450 million in compensation for a decade-long delay in building a reactor of the type intended for Britain. Areva, the state-owned group that designed the new generation European pressurised reactors, announced that it had settled its dispute with TVO, the Finnish operator, which had ordered one in 2003. Finland’s EPR reactor — the same make as those earmarked for Hinkley Point in Somerset — was due to come on stream in 2009 but is still not operational. Areva, which has a 73 per cent stake in the project, and Germany’s Siemens, which has the remaining 27 per cent, said that they would pay TVO €450 million. TVO, which had demanded €2.6 billion in compensation, will drop its lawsuits and the Areva-led consortium, which blamed TVO for the fiasco, will in turn drop its €3.6 billion compensation claim.

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Published: 13 March 2018