The security of military sites including the Faslane naval base are at “significant risk” amid a staffing shortfall in the Ministry of Defence Police, according to a leading officer. Chairman of the Defence Police Federation (DPF) Eamon Keating will use a speech today to say that officers in the force feel “unwanted and devalued”, with morale lower than ever, after cuts that have seen the workforce shrink by more than 30 per cent. He will tell the group’s annual conference that members are paid less than those in other police forces and are expected to work up to eight years longer, that there is currently a shortfall of 200 officers and that “savings rather than risk are the priority”. Mr Keating will say: “The consequences of a successful attack on an MoD site within the UK hardly bears contemplation. “Notwithstanding the potential – even likely – loss of life, an attack could mean the destruction, or rendering unserviceable, of weapons and assets needed by our armed forces, meaning military strategy and ability to protect our nation would be compromised.

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Published: 14 June 2018