The EU is near agreement on measures to put its 2030 climate target into action, with a meeting of energy ministers on Monday swinging towards more ambition. New governments in southern Europe have pushed the needle of EU clean energy talks toward ambition. EU energy ministers meeting in Luxembourg on Monday debated a package of laws that will underpin the EU’s 2030 climate target. With targets set to be finalised in the next two weeks, the range of possible outcomes narrowed when Spain and Italy joined a coalition of more progressive countries. A leaked document from the Bulgarian presidency of the European Council ahead of the meeting proposed improving energy efficiency 30-33% from business-as-usual by 2030 and boosting the renewable share of the energy mix to 30-33%. New governments in Spain and Italy joined France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Portugal in pushing for the higher end of the range. That gives them the numbers to block a deal they consider insufficient. It also brings the council closer to agreement with the European Parliament, which has called for both targets to be set at 35%.

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Pressure is mounting on EU leaders to deliver on promises of a net zero emissions goal, with a letter today from businesses, investor groups, campaigners, and local governments calling on EU leaders to draw up a long-term climate strategy in line with a 1.5C trajectory. The European Commission has already indicated it is exploring introducing a 2050 net zero emissions goal as part of its new long-term decarbonisation strategy, a target which would represent a significant ramp up of ambition on the bloc’s current goal to reduce emissions to 80-95 per cent below 1990 levels by mid-century.

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Published: 13 June 2018