A joint letter, co-signed by the Chairs of the Cities for a Nuclear Free Europe (CNFE) and the UK and Ireland Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA), has been submitted to the European Commission over concerns around the international inspection of nuclear plants in Europe. The letter arises from concerns raised by the Dutch city Bergen op Zoom, which is located less than 20 kilometres from the nuclear power plant Doel in Belgium, but has no legal rights regarding the life time extension of this nuclear plant. Many towns and cities around Europe are in the same position. One third of existing European nuclear power plants are situated in a border region. As such, these nuclear power plants are situated in such a way that more than one country is affected when security and safety is at risk. For example, on numerous occasions Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands have expressed their concerns about the nuclear plants in Doel and Tihange, Belgium. Furthermore, an internal audit of the Belgian nuclear regulator Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC) from 2016 showed that its own independence is to be questioned. In the joint letter signed by CNFE, NFLA and by the Mayor of Bergen op Zoom, they ask to place the supervision of nuclear plants not only in the hands of national authorities, but at a European level as well. In their collective view, creating effective instruments for supervision shall ensure that the legitimate interests of the population of neighbouring countries are safeguarded, as well as those of the people of the country of origin.

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Published: 12 January 2018