Energy Storage

The Clean Energy for All Europeans Package marked a turning point for energy storage in Europe, says Marine Delhommeau, policy officer for the European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE). Energy storage is now seen as one of the key flexibility instruments required in the future energy system. Despite this, the industry faces challenges in deploying at scale. A new roadmap aims to solve the problem. Energy storage can provide valuable flexibility to the system at various timescales totally independently from external factors such as weather or consumer behaviour. Short-duration storage technologies such as flywheels and batteries can respond to imbalances created by higher shares of renewable energy within milliseconds, while longer-duration technologies like pumped hydro storage (PHS) or hydrogen storage can provide weekly, monthly or even seasonal storage. All of these technologies are complementary and support the integration of higher shares of renewable energy with minimum curtailment and at optimised system cost, not only for the energy sector but also across the entire economy.

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Published: 6 December 2018