Energy Storage

A team of chemists and engineers at Swiss-German battery start-up Innolith have developed a new battery chemistry they claim is superior to lithium-ion. Innolith, a Basel-based company with a 60-strong R&D team in Bruchsal, near Frankfurt, formally launched on Wednesday with plans to commercialise an inorganic battery chemistry that is non-flammable and durable by 2020. Its key attribute is the batteries can be charged and discharged an order of magnitude more often than batteries that currently power everything from smart phones to electric vehicles. Innolith claims a lifetime of more than 50,000 cycles, versus around 1,000 for lithium-ion. “If this was in your iPhone, it would last more than 100 years,” said Alan Greenshields, chairman and co-founder. He was referring not to the battery life – at this stage Innolith b atteries’ energy density is weaker than what is available from lithium-ion – but to the battery’s lifespan from being used every day. Of course, there is little reason anyone would want their iPhone to last that long. For electric vehicles, however, Innolith believes its technology could solve the problem of a car battery dying after less than a decade of use.

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UK energy storage and smart home specialist Moixa has this week unveiled a new ‘family-sized’ battery designed to help households take advantage of the growing number of time-of-use energy tariffs. The company, which offers a range of smart home technologies designed to integrate energy storage and on-site renewables, said the new 4.8kWh ‘smart battery’ would help turn homes into ‘mini power stations’ capable of maximising revenue from the power they generate.

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Published: 11 October 2018