Energy Policy – Scotland

Just Transition Commission to advise on decarbonisation. A national taskforce to advise on how Scotland achieves a carbon-neutral economy has been launched. The Just Transition Commission, a commitment under the Programme for Government, will look at how to maximise opportunities of decarbonisation, in terms of fair work and tackling inequalities, while delivering a sustainable and inclusive labour market. Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham announced that Professor Jim Skea OBE is to chair the Commission, as she spoke at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation.

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Scotland has announced a new taskforce to advise on securing a fair transition away from fossil fuels that ensures carbon intensive industries and the people they employ can “maximise the opportunities of a low carbon future”. The Just Transition Commission, which was launched yesterday, will provide advice to the Scottish Government on its decarbonisation plans, and how to deliver fair work and tackle inequalities through a “sustainable and inclusive labour market”, it said yesterday. Scottish academic Jim Skea, Professor of Sustainable Energy at Imperial College London, will chair the Commission. “The idea of a just transition is embedded in the Paris agreement,” he said. “The challenge now is to turn the concept into practical action that shares widely and fairly the benefits of the low carbon transition. Scotland is taking a lead internationally, and I am flattered to be invited to chair the Commission. The challenge in two years is to come up with advice that is actionable and commands the support of stakeholders.”

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Published: 14 September 2018